Iran launches 'more than a dozen' missiles into Iraq targeting US, coalition forces, Pentagon says

Thanks a lot, Trump. What happened to your promise to "protect American lives" by assassinating high-ranking government official?


  • He should have given Hezbollah pallet-loads of unmarked bills for killing Americans.
  • A Second wave of missiles have just been launched against the US military bases.

    I guess Trump, Pompeo & the Deep State/military-industrial complex
    are not interested in saving American lives...

    they're interesting in making more money, making profits off unnecessary wars....war after war after war....Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran.....& perhaps many more to come....maybe North Korea & Venezuela coming up soon....
  • Trump is only interested in his re-election and in making more money for Trump Incorporated.

    He could care less about the lives of the American soldiers he has put in harm's way.

    Thanks a lot, Commander Draft-Dodger Bone Spurs.
  • Just watch Trump's "red line". If an American is killed, US will destroy many of the missile sites inside Iran where the missiles were launched. Remember that US has an eye in the sky. The operators of the various drones are sitting in air-con rooms spread throughout the US. They can see all the sites where missiles were launched from. I am sure they have been instructed to set up the targets for them; and hold, until they receive a go ahead from the Commander in Chief.

    Once the Trump's "red line" is crossed, it'll be a good idea for those people near the missile launch areas--to move away to safe locations. That would be my advice. It's been expressed many times that Trump does not want war. He does not watch Regime Change. But if the Mullahs and the Iran leadership were to cross the Trumps "red line", the impact of the US counter strike might just cause the Regime to collapse. Hopefully, some cooler heads in Iran will begin to dial it down now that they have sent some missiles to Iraq.
  • So far, the missiles have hit on some places that were not in the vicinity of where the troops are. I believe that Trump and his Team will tolerate some damages to facilities as long as they are not too extensive. But so far, there is no casualty; so the Trump's "Red Line" has not been crossed yet. Let's hope and pray that no hardheaded Iranian General would give a go-ahead to cause an American to be killed. Because that would mean guaranteed retaliation by the Commander in Chief.
  • 15 missiles all in total were launched by iran. Half of them shot down. No report of casualties.

    And its good to remind the world that those missiles were paid for and funded by the money obama administration gave iran a few years ago. Remember those 1.5 billion obama gave to iran? Well that's where the Iranians used that money on. Missiles and weapons that they are using AGAINST Americans.

    Thanks Obama.
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