Democrats and mainstream media wrong again!

(1)Democrats and mainstream media predicted that Trump will collapse the US economy. They were wrong on that. The US is the world top producer of oil and its economy has been seeing a boom since Trump got elected. (2)Democrats and mainstream media predicted that Trump will start a war with North Korea. They were again proven wrong. Instead of war Trump brought North Korea to the negociation table. (3)Democrats and mainstream media said Trump conspired or colluded with Russia to interfere in the 2016 elections in Trumps favor. Again they were proven wrong by Special counsel Bob Mueller. (4) Democrats and media predicted that Mexico and Canada will never signed the new NAFTA agreements with Trump. And again they were proven wrong. Not only did Canada and Mexico signed the agreement but Democrats in the house agreed to pass it. (5)Democrats and media said Trump will never get NATO allies to pay for their defense. Again they were wrong. Not only did Trump got NATO countries to pay up he got South Korea and Japan to also pay.

And the lastest one is Democrats and media and some of the users in here were beating their chests and predicting that Trump will start World war 3. Oh boy they were wrong. They predicted a week ago that Trump will start a war with Iran. Today they were proven wrong.


  • When were they ever right? I used to trust everything coming from the telly but i stopped trusting everything when they tried to cover up the fact that they spied on Trump and used the FBI to spy on Trump.

    As for the subject at hand yes they were and are wrong.

    All that he is starting a war with Iran to distract from impeachment is all a lie. No war no distractions. The war they wanted never arrived. Amazon didn't deliver this time.
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