CNN: Iran's missile strikes was intended to avoid US deaths

Its been confirmed Iran did warned the US 2 hours before it launched its missile strikes to avoid killing Americans soldiers. They took Trump's advice which was if any of our soldiers are harmed or killed i will retaliate with everything i have in the US military Arsenal. Iran listened to daddy and daddy didn't have to spank baby Iran because Iran obeyed daddy Trump. Not bad for General Bone Spur.

(1/8/2018)CNN:Iran's strikes seem intended to avoid US deaths.


  • Iran know we have a GANGSTER in the Whitehouse. They damn well know that this guy we have in the Whitehouse is no chicken shit like Obama. Trumps red line was this. One of our soldiers get killed and i will take a thousand of your soldiers along with bombing your oil refinery sites and i will destroy 52 targets inside iran.

    They blinked. Trump won. The iranians fear that orange man then they did that black man.

  • Just the opposite, actually.

    Obama stopped Iran's nuclear weapon development with an international agreement that was very effective..

    Now with Trump's stupid blunder, Iran has resumed their nuclear development.

    Thanks a lot, Trump. lol
  • FM, Didn't Obama gave Iran 100 billion dollars before Iran signed his nuclear deal? Where did tnose billions went?

    That 100 billion Obama gave to iran were used to buy those missiles that Iran shot at those bases in Iraq.
  • That Gangster in Whitehouse back off after Iran's retaliation, why ? was he scared or was he have no clue what to do next?.
  • Obama funded the Iranian missiles and Ilhan Omar, fellow Democrats and their leftist mainstream media provided Tehran's propaganda campaign. Trump2020 XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
  • Now liberals are sad there are no war.
  • actually, they are happy these passed a bill to prevent Trump from using military force on Iran.
  • Someone is bluffing as usual...image
  • No war. Good! But some are mad there is no war. War was the only reason they hoped for to prove they were right. Sorry Democrats! This ain't burger king.
  • hey buddy incase you missed it, the democrats just passed a resolution in the house to prevent trump from using military force on Iran without going to congress to justify his reason to do so.
  • Such a resolution is just an expression of the wishes of the majority who voted for it. It's not binding on the President. It's not like other acts which the President needs to sign to make effective. President Trump can go to war if Iran were to attack the US. That is his responsibility as specified in the Constitution--to protect the US citizens.

    But the President has been clear that he does not want war. He does not believe in Regime change. He wants to negotiate with Iran for peace. He has shown what the US can do to destroy high officials or Iran's assets. He has made it clear; so that Iran does not miscalculate and try to kill Americans. Because that will bring war.

    Let's hope that NATO will join the Trump administration in getting Iran to the negotiating table. Stop threatening the region. Stop the proxy wars. Stop meddling in
  • Its a non binding resolution. What are you idiots celebrating about? Non-binding!!! Its the talk without the walk. It was meant to fool, fools like you! Just like the impeachment.
  • by authorizing an assassination of foreign leader on foreign land without the authorization of the US congress is both an abused of presidential power and also a war crime thats why the resolution was acted fast by house of congress.

    President said he did the assassination to stop a war and not to start a war. shows how unfit he is to be in office logically. his decision to deplloyed troops to the region quickly shows how he miscalaulate the Iranians.

    Trump himself pulled out of the NATO allies and now he is asking for their assistance? thats the biggest embarrasment ever for US president.. totally unfit president..
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    Lol. How was a terrorist a foreign leader? Didn't Obama ordered the assassination of thousands of terrorists or as you say foreign leaders? Obama started a war in Syria. Trump is taking care of that. Where were you @visafree when obama assassinated thousands of terrorists from 2008-2016?

    Name a war Trump has started? You can't. But the Syrian war started bcuz of Obama.
  • first off , before the assassination of the Iran's number two man, the conflict in Iraq was between Iraq against Iran but after Trump intervened both country turned against USA to the point Iraq want USA out of their country. again, another failure by Trump Administration backed by Republican

    you're asking . "name a war has Trump started'?.. shows ignorance buddy. This war has started by Trump hello! wake up to your sense.. this war already started and its not ended yet, there is already promised from the leaders of the terrorist countries there will another waves of terrorist attack on US interest all over the globe.
  • It might be a none binding resolution yet but it is the right thing to do to by democrats to defend their constitution and to prevent unecessary war with Iran by the unfit president of the USA.. its like closeing a candy store from a wrecjless big embarrasment yet necessary step take by democrats including some of Trumps republ;icans.
  • Like the green deal vote right? None binding just for show.

  • Another bullshit lie from Trump & US Media

    Eleven U.S. service members were injured during an Iranian missile strike last week against an Iraqi air base housing American troops, military officials confirmed late Thursday, despite the Trump administration’s previous assertion that no Americans were harmed in the assault by Tehran.

    8 were were sent to a medical center in Germany, and 3 were evacuated to Kuwait right after the air strikes.

  • Trump was covering the fact he was too scared to retaliate back like he threaten to do so. he realized he was alone in this war he had no choice but to lie to the American people.

  • If an American got killed by the strike, it would have triggered a different US military reaction. It's good that those soldiers are being sent to military hospitals in different countries--for evaluation, as a precaution. It shows that the Trump administration takes care of the military people--even, if they were not physically injured.

    I am glad that nobody died; or else we would have seen by now a strong response from the US. I think the US response was measured and appropriate since the Iran's Foreign Minister said that Iran had sent the missiles; and that would be the end of it--or something to that effect. Trump does not want war. He does not want Regime Change. But if an American is killed by Iran or its proxies, then, Iran will be held accountable.
  • Marc, yur kidding, right?

    Those US soldiers don’t deserve to be injured because of some cowboy-above-the-law mentality of a lying,psycho President, who wants to deflect or distract his impeachment case & a former CIA, war hawk & pro-Israeli puppet Secretary of State, who serves the self-interest of the Deep State/Military-Industrial Complex.

    How many more US soldiers you want to die in US countless, endless & needless wars?
    How many more you want to be injured?

    Trump clearly lied that no US Soldier was killed or harmed.
    Now, US admitted some US soldiers were actually injured & sent to a hospital in Germany.

    You said Trump did not want war. Well, He just started one, you have not seen it yet

  • AC, the US soldiers did not die; they were injured--not necessarily physically (not visible on the body) but they are taking precaution in case they had internal injuries.

    But these injuries are nothing compared to those ordered by Soleimani in the form of IED and other more deadline armor piercing blasts. It's reported that over 600 US soldiers actually lost their lives. And over several thousands where physically injured--losing arms, legs, eyes, etc.

    My suggestion is this: you can complain if a US soldier is killed by Iran or her proxies; and Trump administration does not do anything in retaliation.

    But I think if a US soldier were killed by Iran directly or her proxies, the US will not wait. It will send missiles to retaliate; by hitting any or most of those targets that the US military has already identified with the targeting locked in. These include oil fields; missile sites; etc.

    Trump will not authorize the killing of the Mullahs but the Mullahs better be careful on what they say to Iranians fanatics and lunatics who listen to words by Mullahs as if religious edict. If I were Supreme Leader Kahmeini (?), I would put my public broadcasted messages in writing; and stick to the script when he goes public with his prayer messages. Because if his words were to incite his bad people to kill an American, we just don't what the US military will do. Let's pray for peace; let's pray that the religious leaders do not cross Trump's redline.
  • Trump announced it on national tv there were no American were harmed came out not ture.

    Casulties are casulties and there were American casulties but to say that because they were not killed it dose not means that no american were harmed is a bull shit, in war there is no such comparision of how badly injured one is before the other side take the necessary action. the bottom line is, Iran retaliated and Trump's backing down shows he lacks the justification to returned fire. simple as that.
  • Marc, you should pray that the US discontinue their endless wars, endless interventions, meddling in other countries’ affairs, which often result in the sufferings & destructions of other countries, displacement & killing of thousands of innocent lives all over world.

    Why don’t you do a research on How many children, women & men die in the US wars in Vietnam, Korea, the Balkan countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya & Syria?

    You should pray so you can be enlightened on the evil side of the US Government, the Deep State.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are millions of good Americans including many good American politicians. There are many good things about America,many good deeds by many Americans but for God’s sake, the USGovernment have continuously abused US taxpayers money to fund their endless, unnecessary wars, fund many terrorists groups, political opposition groups, & even utilize its media to brainwash & lie to the general public like you.

    And poor’re so brainwashed & blinded by your undying love for Uncle Sam
    that you cannot even admit the reality & the fact that in the past 50 to 60 years, no other country but the US & its vassal European allies have brought more catastrophic sufferings, hunger & devastation to the Middle East & other nations in the world than any other nation in the world today.

    Please continue to pray for Peace & pray for US to spread Peace not War & Suffering around world.
  • visa, there is difference between being injured; and being killed. Trump's red line applies only to an American killed. Injuries and facility damages do not count as trigger for the red line actions.

    AC, I agree, the US, in the past, had created a lot of damages and deaths in its previous wars. I think this is the reason Trump had promised that he would not start a new war; and that he would pull out from other countries. But at the same time, any pull out has to be done in the right away; so a strong national government can take care of itself--after the US had left.
  • again, it Not if the are kill or not, bottom line is, American soldiers were attacked and injured by Iran missiles and the rule of war says "do not open fire unless fired upon". that, he the president not only broke the law of the land he broke the law of war.. made him a war criminal and a lawless president..
  • visa, you need to be fair. It seems the basis of your arguments have the tendency to shift--just like the shifting sand of the Middle East where former President O's "red line" was drawn--and which shifted whichever way the wind blew.

    President Trump's "red line" is an American's life. It does not matter whether in war, in terrorism, in kidnapping, in false imprisonment. As such, it's clear and precise; and can be understood by all; and can be implemented by all; and can be understood as a reasonable doctrine because the US President's constitutional duty is to protect American's life.

    As such, the notice regarding the Trump's "red line" has been conveyed to North Korea, Syria, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran, China and everywhere. If an American got killed, the US will make sure the killer will be identified; and will be called to account for it: either in Jail or in a coffin.

    Injuries don't count for the Trump's red line.
  • and the basis of your argument is all about the so called "the Trumps' red line" wheras the injured dont count wheater military or civilian . is nothing but a load of crap!. Trump is not above the law and that America is a nation of law and not of man.Period! full stop!!
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