Hawaii US Congresswoman-Presidential Candidate Tulsi on Trump

Make no mistake: Trump’s actions are an act of war.

Taken without any authorization or declaration of war from Congress, seriously escalating this tit for tat conflict, pushing us deeper into an endless quagmire and dangerously undermining our national security.

I invite you watch this video message about why Trump’s actions are so incredibly shortsighted, damaging and dangerous for our country and then stand with me in sending a message to Trump and his neocon advisers — no war with Iran, no more regime change wars, and no more delay in bringing our troops home.

Millions of people voted for Trump because he promised the American people he would get us out of these stupid wars; that he would bring our troops home. But his actions don’t match his rhetoric. He has deployed 15,000 US troops to the Middle East, just in the last 8 months. We have more troops in the Middle East now than when he was elected.

This reckless stupidity will end with me as your Commander in Chief. We have no time to waste.
Are you with me?



  • I haven't had the time to watch what she is saying. I like her and her guts. But it is a public record that Trump wants to bring the troops home. At the same time, he wants it done right.

    Remember that President O went ahead and unilaterally reduced the number of forces in Iraq with the plan to bring the troops home. But the timing was wrong. He declared to the world about moving the troops home. This advance projection of withdrawal caused the militants in Iraq and the region to begin to strategize their ways to take over Iraq once the US was out. This also led to the strengthening and proliferation of ISIS and the Iraq-based terrorists groups including the one whose head was droned along with Gen. Soleimani.

    I think Trump can bring the troops home when Iran also agrees to pull out from Iraq--and stop meddling in the internal affairs of Iraq. US does not need to protect the oil shipment route thru that canal. US is now producing and exporting oil. US economy will not collapse even if Iran or other countries were to block Hermuz.

    This is why President Trump is asking the NATO nations to join--they are more dependent on the security of the oil route as well as other things.

    By taking action to eliminate the chief terrorist, the US has created an environment where Iran now can begin to dial down its support for the its terrorists that were trained by Soleimani. President Trump has said that he's willing to negotiate peace with Iran. He wants peace. He does not want regime change. And that is a good thing. All the talk of WW3 and the all out terrorism throughout the world and in the US most likely will not come true. The major terrorist is dead. All governments and terrorists now know what the US can do--in order to reduce tension and promote peace. They also now understand the Trump's "red line": life of an American.
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    Some of what she says ring true. No doubt about that but sadly she will never get the Democrat nominee to run against Trump in 2020. She is a moderate in her party. A minority. And Hillary Clinton says Tulsi is a Russian asset like Trump. This comment by Hillary has sealed the election for her. Democrats will replace her with another person in the next Senate election.

  • yes lady representative, go for it!
  • Dude.....she look exactly like me.But a female version. ?!?! 0_o
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