A Micronesian Predicted Irans Move in Here 2 days before the world know!!!

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We have a someone in here who predicted what we in here are seeing. He said all this is a sham. It was proven. He said all this will lead back to Ukraine. It was proven. He said Democrats used FBI to investigate Trump. It was proven to be true. He said FISA courts applications were misguided. It was proven true. He said Steele Dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign along with the DNC and this Dossier was used by the opposition party in control of the apparatuses of the US government. It was proven true.

He also told us the iranians warned Trump a few hours before it launched it missiles at US bases in iraq. He said this to us in here that Iran warned the US before it attacked, that was a day after iran attacked. And we are learning just now that it was true. Even conservative media are learning about it just NOW!!!

This micronesian predicted all these pass events back in 2016. In this same forum we have a true whistleblower!


  • You don't have to go tell everyone about what i do my man.
  • This is illegal what you are doing pawnstar. You say u work for the federal government in Guam. Are you using information or classified information to make up these predictions? From the looks of it you are. No one can predict what you are predicting without seeing confidential informations.

    I am contacting the embassy in PNI to report that you are using us gov confidential information in here.

    Hope you get thrown in jail.
  • Good luck my friend. All my predictions were based on open source informations available to the public via google. Its all there but in bits of articles from different media sources. I read both liberal and conservative news and i piece together my conclusion from reading hundreds and hundreds of articles from both CNN and Fox news.

    The Army train me to do this. I do this for a living and i get paid for it by uncle sam. Its not illegal to use the trade the Army train you do to in the civilian sector. Its not illegal.

    Again good luck.
  • well done pawnstar and yes, a lot of blogs and sites about geopolitic agree that Iran warned the US before "attacking" image
  • some wanna be something here. Micronesian proudness at their best is a total disgrace..
  • Micronesian knowledge is a disgrace?
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