FBI arrests three Neo-Nazis on their way to Virginia gun rally

Three alleged neo-Nazis caught with machine gun ahead of Virginia gun rally: FBI

Three suspected members of a neo-Nazi group were in court on Thursday after the FBI arrested them for possessing a machine gun and planning to incite violence at a gun-rights rally in Virginia on Monday which is expected to draw thousands.

The FBI arrested Brian Lemley, a former cavalry scout in the U.S. Army and Patrik Mathews, a Canadian citizen who was illegally in the United States and was a combat engineer in the Canadian Army Reserve, along with suspected white supremacist William Bilbrough.

Their court appearances came the day after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency banning any weapons around the grounds of the state capitol in Richmond, saying investigators had seen groups making threats of violence.

Lemley and Mathews stood calmly before the judge in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt, Maryland, on Thursday, Lemley wearing a T-shirt and pajama pants and Mathews wearing camouflage pants and sporting a bushy blond beard. Both answered “yes” and “no” when the judge asked if they understood the charges against them, which include transporting a firearm with intent to commit an offense, and if they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The judge set their detention hearings for Wednesday.

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have been sharply criticized for not focusing enough on the threat of far-right extremism following a spate of attacks on synagogues and a 2017 white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Heads of both of those agencies have said in recent months that they were taking the threat more seriously.

The three men are accused of interstate commerce of weapons, harboring illegal aliens, an alien in possession of a firearm and ammunition, and aiding and abetting. The FBI also said in the court filing that the men had attempted to manufacture DMT, a chemical resembling the structure of psilocybin in psychedelic mushrooms and an illegal drug under federal law.

The FBI said in the court filing that the three are members of the neo-Nazi group The Base. The FBI said in the court document that it had monitored encrypted chats among the group’s members, in which they discussed creating a white ethno-state and carrying out acts of violence against minorities.

The men were in possession of what appeared to be a fully automatic rifle, according to an FBI agent who watched the men fire the weapon at a gun range.


  • No comments from the white supremacist, gun-loving Trumpists?

    Speak up, guys! LOL
  • yup! last month a governor from one of the state pardon 600 of them from prison in one single month, dangerous eh? this also gives more vote for Trump if and when they are eligible to vote... its a dangerous world we live in today..
  • Not connected to the pro 2nd amendment rally. That's why no one taking your click bait seriously @FactsMatter lol
  • Not connected to the pro 2nd amendment rally? LOL Read the post:

    "...the FBI arrested them for possessing a machine gun and planning to incite violence at a gun-rights rally in Virginia on Monday."

    You do know how to read, right?

  • USA TODAY: Three more suspected neo-Nazis arrested before Virginia gun rights rally, authorities say

    Three more suspected neo-Nazis connected to a white nationalist group that reportedly planned to have members at a gun rights rally in Virginia have been arrested, authorities say.

    Three Georgia men were arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and participating in a criminal street gang as part of the hate group, The Base, according to the Floyd County Police Department.

    News of the arrests come a day after three other suspected members of The Base were arrested in Maryland on firearms and alien-harboring charges.

    The three Georgia men, identified as Luke Austin Lane of Floyd County, Michael Helterbrand of Dalton and Jacob Kaderli of Dacula, were planning to "overthrow the government and murder a Bartow County couple," Floyd County police said in a statement.

    Lane, who was arrested near his home without incident Wednesday, and Kaderli are being housed in Floyd County, and Helterbrand is to arrive later Friday, police said. Lane was also denied bond Thursday.


  • "...the FBI arrested them for possessing a machine gun and planning to incite violence at a gun-rights rally in Virginia on Monday."

    There it is in black and white and underlined. They wanted make violence against the pro-2nd protestors. They wanted to kill people from both sides to start a war. Anyone and everyone is their target regardless if they were against the 2nd or for the 2nd or if they their victims were Republicans or Democrats.

    All in all no one got killed in the rally. Not bad for 2,6000 armed pro 2nd amendment patriots. Unlike all the liberal groups whose rallies ended in violence.

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