New RMI President: The rule of law is key

January 23, 2020
Minister in Assistance Chris Loeak stood in for President David Kabua to deliver Kabua’s first state of the nation speech Monday as part of the official inauguration of the new government. It was a break from the tradition of the sitting president delivering their own speech.image

The speech praised outgoing President Hilda Heine and the late Climate Ambassador Tony deBrum as “strong and effective leaders,” while stating that the new government’s domestic agenda will start with a review of every policy to inform the new leadership. He also repeatedly spoke about upholding the rule of law.

The new President said he was “upbeat” about the forthcoming talks with the US government related to the Compact of Free Association. He praised the US government as “a powerful and prepared-in-everything country” that would make the future negotiations successful. The new President confirmed that the unfinished business of the nuclear weapons test legacy would be on the agenda with the US government.

On the international front, he also expressed “enthusiasm” for ties with Japan and Taiwan, and talked about increasing cooperation with the RMI’s neighbors in the Micronesian region. The statement said the RMI’s “development partners must also share our common goals as a democratic region.”

The new President said “it is also my plan to begin a serious discussion with our traditional leaders about master-planning Majuro and Kwajalein for climate change impact considerations,” a development he said would be “most challenging” and the most expensive in the RMI’s history.

He repeatedly referred to defending the rule of law and enforcing the laws of the RMI. Kabua said the oath he took Monday was the same “solemn oath” his father, first President Amata Kabua took 40 years ago. “The foremost part (of the oath) is everyone’s sacred duty to defend the Constitution and uphold the laws of this country,” he said, adding that he and the 10 ministers had given an “individual and collective promise to God and country that we will not and will never promote our selfish interests first before the interests of the people and country.” He said the “rule of law shall be the way this country will operate.”


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    The overall message was this and if you are Marshallese you would understand it from the get go it meant that last administration of Hilda Heine was derelict in its duty to follow the rule of law. Read President David Kabua's speech in Marsballese and if you "melele" it in Marshallese then you would know it was a rebuke of the last administration choices of policies.

    Mr President. Jeramman.
  • I think what the president meant, he is not align with Trump and the Republican party.
  • Exactly. Believing in the rule of law is the opposite of what the Mobster-in-Chief Trump stands for.
  • Libtards have Schiff for brains.
  • I read his speech in English. He specially named Hilda's administration in taking away rights which her cabinet swore to protect. This is about the postal ballot or voting rights which Hilda administration took away which by the way the Marshall islands Supreme court declared unconstitutional.

  • Visa & factsmatter how dense are you two? his speech Kabua said his administration will overlook every and any policies the administration of Hilda ever did and he and his administration will roll them back.

    Hilda's legacy is about to be erased just like the now legacy of Obama which Trump has rolled back by 90%.

    Trump in 2016: I will review all the policies Obama did and if they are doing more harm than good i will roll them back.

    David Kabua's speech in 2020 inauguration: I will lool into the practice and policies of the previous administrations and i will see if they do more harm than good and if its harm than i will roll them back.

    That was the message Kabau send to the world. More aligned with what Trump is doing. Rolling back the policies made by the liberal presidents they defeated.
  • LOL Some people are so Trump-deranged that they see the Orange Man wherever they look....especially when they look in the mirror. image
  • LOL ahahah you are absolutely right about that FM, they don't have any decency for themselves and their level of thinking is more stunning.. @ you the reaper, its no secret that Trump is a lawless person, who don't follow the "the rules of law" how dare you connect Trump to this when clearly he is the opposite? Trump is lawless, end of story.
  • @FactsMatter, ask your friend Giff Johnson if im lying or Jack Neithendal or Hillary Hosia if I'm wrong.

    Giff is the chief editor of the RMI Journal. Jack is the one one who told Hilda to take away the right of the Marshallese abroad. Hillary is a uncle tom. He a Marshallese who think he Caucasian.

    Ask them.

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