Democratic candidates vow to cover COFA citizens without Medicaid


Four leading candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination said that their health care plans would cover tens of thousands of Pacific Islanders who were promised Medicaid coverage after U.S. nuclear-weapons testing but lost coverage in a 1996 welfare reform bill.

Spokespeople for the campaigns of Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), former Vice President Joe Biden and businessman Andrew Yang all vowed that their candidates would provide coverage for residents of the Marshall Islands, a population profiled by POLITICO last week, as well as cover residents of Palau and Micronesia.

"Yes, they’re covered under Medicare for All," said a spokesperson for Sanders.

A spokesperson for former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg said his campaign was "open to exploring options for this population." The campaign of Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) didn't respond to requests for comment.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), viewed as a longshot for the nomination, has repeatedly introduced or signed on to congressional legislation to restore the islanders' Medicaid coverage.

The issue has special resonance in Iowa, as an estimated 800 Marshall Islanders have relocated to Dubuque, seeking free or low-cost health care at a clinic that specializes in serving their population. Two presidential candidates — Buttigieg and Marianne Williamson, who has since exited the race — have visited Crescent Community Health Center, the Dubuque-based clinic that provides special care for the islanders, clinic staff told POLITICO.
image Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang also said his health plan would provide Medicaid coverage for residents of the Marshall Islands, Palau and Micronesia.

A small band of lawmakers in Congress have spent more than a decade working to restore Medicaid coverage for the islanders, who are non-voters. At least 56,000 islanders are estimated to be living, working and studying in the United States.


  • democrat is a party of real people, and republican is party of sick and abnormal people. The truth!
  • Trump and his party have no intention of helping Micronesians living in the U.S. access health care through Medicaid.

    Only the Democrats will do it.
  • Sorry folks. ObamaCare is still in effect. The Democrats refuse to repeal it.
  • How did Micronesians for all these health issues to begin with? Lets not forget all these issues regarding health in micronesia from cancer to diabetes and etc all stem from the Democrats themselves. The nuclear testing in RMI was approved by President Truman himself a Democrat. As Truman's secretary said days before the first nuclear bomb was tested in Bikini: No one cares about a few thousand people in the middle of the ocean/Micronesian". This words came from Truman's own Secretary.

    Also on another note Micronesia is where it is now because the Truman democrats government in power at that time intended us to be slave of the US in regards to money, healthcare. Read the Solomon report. It exposed how the Democrats plan for us for the last 40 years.

    I don't think Democrats will give us what they promised. Its all propaganda. They are only saying this because its campaign season. Just like Obama who made many promises but only deliver a fraction of what he promised.
  • Also don't forget Obama deported More micronesians than Trump has done. As we can see the Democrats have helped Micronesians deporting more micronesians than any President or administration.
  • More lies from a worshiper of the Liar-in-Chief.

    The Compact of Free Association was signed by President Ronald Reagan, a Republican, not by President Truman, a Democrat.

    Facts don't lie.
  • True, more lies eh FM, and he just wasted thousand words for" nothing".. what a piece of empty coconut that Reaper is?.. former President Clinton (Democrat). is responsible for the de-classification of the Nuclear testing in RMI,

    Later on he made a written apology to Hawaiian People for what the US government did to their home..

    BTW @ you@ Reaper the know it all wanna be!!can you show us what the Trump admin ever do to the Micronesia people beside the fake meeting at WH? so can you name one thing this stupid President ever did to Micronesian people>
  • The compact came after the nuclear testings in the Marshall islands. The US President who authorized the Nuclear testing in Northern Marshall was Harry Truman in 1946. I believe it kicked off with operation crossroad that the testing begins. Thanks Democrats. Killing native people where they go.

  • FM, conflate Nuclear testings with CoFA agreement. Trying to blur the line like always. A Republican gave us the COFA while a Democrat gave us a nuclear legacy.
  • edited February 5
    Democrats are ok with killing of babies. 600,000 are killed each year under Democrat planned Parenthood. All these things the Democrats are promising they won't deliver them. Think about it. They are ok with the killing babies, Each year close to 600,000 kids are murdered by Democrats and its been going on for 30 years.

    What make you think they will care about us when they are killing their own future generations? Think about that.

    And as a Truman official said when asked why bikini atoll was chosen to conduct nuclear testings this Democrat said: NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT A FEW THOUSAND PEOPLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN.
  • empty coconut eh Reaper! answer my question directed to you since you seems to know it all? ahah
  • @ Rastaman,, what do you expect? the negotiation to take place at Truman's grave?.

    Republican Regan did gave minconesian a compact but with classified informations regarding the nuclear legacy which effected the whole region and not just RMI, these information are critical in the negotiation of the compact for all FAS..

    without these declassified informations, people from this Micronesia region would not have leverga in the negotiation because the fact is. all of micronesian people are affected.. democrats are real people and republicans are sick and abnormal people.
  • @visafree, you party in the U.S. the Democrat party gave everyone in Micronesia cancer and diabetes from their nuclear testings in Bikini.

    Thank you Truman.
  • first off, not my party but I fully support their ideology whereas, people are created equal therefore equal opportunity for all regardless of race deserve a chance in the land of racist not self greedy!
  • The democrats ideology of, " men are created equal".. reflects their core values in their constitution whereas, " no man is above the law including the president.. but the republicans? their ideology is base on racist and slef greedy. and you thge reaper, just one of them empty coconut floating around in the ocean..very sad indeed!
  • Yes, no one knows more about "BS" and "bull crap" than supporters of the potty mouth Liar-in-Chief.
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