Lessons from Democrat party Iowa Caucus: Democrats are Divided Between Socialism & Liberalism

Democrats are more divided than we have known. The last time the Democrats were this divided was in 1861 when they were divided over allowing slavery or stop it. We know what happened in 1861. Majority of the Democrats left the union because they wanted to keep slavery!

Today in 2020 they are more divided than ever. The division now is all about socialism and liberalism. The foundations of the Democrat party were build on liberalism i.e free speech, right to protest and right to keep arms all the things that socialism prohibits. A good example of socialism is Nazi Germany. Democrats are fighting over which coarse they should take. Either stay on the path of liberalism and Democracy or take the Socialists path like Hitler-Mao and Castro and Venezuela.

Only one thing they are united against is the fight against Trump while divided on everything else. Scary thing too because they are Divided over supporting liberalism and Democracy or supporting socialism.

Socialism brought us Hitler, Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro and the death of over 60,000,000 all over the world. Socialism bring us no freedom of the press, freedom to chose any religion we want, freedom to defend ourselves. According to Democrats socialism is the way not liberalism and Democracy.


  • What kind of "Socialism" are we talking about here? The kind that mandates consumption of 40 percent of our largest agricultural crop to support ethanol as a combustion fuel? Or perhaps the type of
    Socialism” that picks up the largest operating cost of an energy industry so that it can compete against other forms; such is done in the Nuclear Power Industry? Maybe it’s the kind of “Socialism” where only the working poor and middle class support the sick and disabled while those who live solely on investment income contribute nothing to the funding of those programs? Is that the kind of “Socialism” Reaper is referring too?
    Or are we talking about the kind of “Socialism” that built the Interstate Highway System, provided the dams to manage water and produce energy, police protection, fire protection, water distribution and waste water treatment?
    Ain’t skeert of “isms” but the “ists” cause me some concern.
    Personally I like the “cans”; like the Americans, who can see through this front monkey partisan B.S. and still focus on the ideals and values that are the true strength of America.
  • I think its the Soviet union type of socialism.
  • @Gavilan, This kind of socialism.

  • These are four individuals who killed millions, not the country but them four individuals who killed their own, each one killed his own countrymen.. this kind of socialism dose exist in America today under this president Trump.. This is the kind of socialism that empty coconut is trying to paint it on the democrats but the fact is, its is the Trump and his republicans who are promoting this style of government..
  • Silly libtards, socialism has always introduced itself as compassion for social inequity.
  • BTW, the Marxist Bernie Sanders may have won the Iowa Caucus. Poor guy is being suppressed and set up again by the DNC and their mainstream media.
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    The minority Socialist have hijacked the Democrat Party. The majority liberals in the Democrat party fear the minority socialists in the Democrat party.

    If Bernie Sanders win the DEMOCRAT party give the ticket to run against Trump in 2020 will show us all that Democrats have accepted Marxism.

    Marxism philosophy says self identity is irrelevance. The group identity comes first. FORGET you are Marshallese or Chuukese or Palauans. SOCIALISM come before your culture and identity and by the way ignore the voice of your ancestors.

    If i don't know my past then what am i ? @Aki this goes for you too. Sing but don't preach.
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    Democrats now depend on Electoral College results of the IOWA Caucus since the more moderate gay small town mayor won that. The Marxist wins the popular vote though. You can never tell if Democrats believe in what they say. Moments ago they wanted to trash the constitutional Electoral College,,,but now they say the fudge-packing mayor is the winner even though Marxist Berinie wins the popular vote. They are cheating Bernie again. No matter, they are all socialists since they all want us to pay more taxes to fund healthcare for illegals.
  • Democrats want to run the country but can't even run their own caucus.
  • So true and pathetic.
  • I wouldn't mind pay tax to support my fellow bro and sis who are in needs ?. that's the way the world needs to be in order to be in peace and harmony.. but to promote your sense of selfishness and greedy, is something else.
  • Please support your bros and sis, but leave my wallet out of it. I have my own bros and sis to care about without you and the government stealing and squandering my earnings.
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  • selfishness and greedy runs in the bloodline. these are pathetic creatures.
  • socialism is institutionalized theft.
  • They are now blaming Republicans for the debacle in Iowa. Lol
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