Hypocrites: All of the Democrats Presidential Candidates ARE ALL WHITE PEOPLE!

Diversity is what Democrats claim their party is all about. But as we can see that is some utter BS. All the blacks presidential candidates from the Democrat party have all dropped and the only ones left are ALL WHITE PEOPLE.


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  • only if you know how the system of election work, then you might have some understanding.. but apparently you have no clue! yeah?. democrats stand for all nationalities republicans are for white nationalist only.. youi wher you stand for? eh Reaper?.
  • The Iowa caucus showed us how Democrats election work within their party. Majority of the Democrat caucus is white! Its not surprising why Harris and Booker the only blacks running for President on the Democrat side lost. The white Democrat caucus voted them out and picked only whites.

  • Now they are blaming Trump for what happened in Iowa. Lol
  • of course they would be more careful on election since the Russian are still hacking the election according to national intelligent agencies, and the fact of the matter is, Trump is promoting Sander , his republicans are doing the same. Trump thinks that he can beat Sander in the election so.. over all this election is still rigged by Trump and Russian
  • Trump is not promoting sanders but rather he is dividing the Democrat party. Socialism or democracy. And its working. And by doing this Trump is showing the US people that Democrats have embraced socialism.

    How can DEMOCRATS run a government healthcare system when they can't even handle their own caucus?
  • Rebublicans , by supporting the most corrupt president Trump. they also allowed the Russian to continue meddling in the election, so yeah! by all means, extra necessary precaution measures must take place. again, bottomline is trrump is meddeliong in this election too, no doubt about it at all!@
  • Democrats wear white during SOTU. Their traditional KKK color now symbolizes surrender to the Party of Abraham Lincoln! The civil war has ended and they are defeated and exposed, once again.
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