Not surprisingly, all of the Republican Presidential Candidates ARE WHITE PEOPLE!

In February 2019, the Republican National Committee voted to provide undivided support to Trump. Several states have decided to cancel their primaries and caucuses.

Some much for democracy. LOL



  • White racist . all of them
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    Republicans don't go out and preach about diversity like you democrats do. Skin color don't matter to us. Its the ideals of free enterprise, liberty, freedom of speech, religious freedom and 2nd amendment are all that we conservatives care about. We don't go out of our way to preach about diversity then turn around and vote for whites candidates only like you Democrats do.

    Trump has no challenge from the GOP cause Trump and the GOP learned from 2016. The GOP is united. And the GOP as a whole knows already Trump will win 2020. That's why no one in the GOP is running against him.

    The GOP learned in 2016 that the more candidates are on the ticket divide the party. Why split electorate votes between 3 candidates from the same party when you can have 1 candidate who has a better chance of getting most of the electorates?

    You Marxist or socialists Democrats or whatever you call your selfs didn't learned from 2016.

  • another load of nonsense by the empty coconut, what a waste! again, this is how the system of election works?
  • color is important to the party of slavery.
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