Trump's policies make a mockery of Christian faith

In this year's State of the Union address, President Trump devoted a lengthy section to religion. His words were empty, shameful, and dishonest, and should be rejected by every Christian and person of faith across the country.

According to Trump, "In America, we don't punish prayer." But his administration has repeatedly harassed pastors and church volunteers for prayerfully assisting immigrants on the border.

Trump claimed, "My administration is also defending religious liberty." But just last week he launched a massive assault on religious freedom, expanding his cruel and unconstitutional Muslim ban.

Trump said, "We celebrate faith. We cherish religion." Yet the president continues to turn religious values on their head by spewing racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric, separating families, setting the planet on fire, and risking unnecessary wars.


  • he lays out everything he opposed in the open and say it like he really is supporting them. I don't know what the democrats are thinking but this guy needs to be removed out of the office, no question ask! he don't obey the rules of laws the rules of laws shouldn't be applied while doing so..
  • He is an abomination to the Church of Abortion on Fifth Avenue.
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