Who Attends the National Prayer Breakfast and Preaches Hate and Vengeance?

Donald Trump does.

For those who would prefer a Republican view of the Fascist-in-Chief's hate filled diatribe, you can read Michael Gerson's Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post. Michael Gerson is a lifelong Republican, and the chief speech writer for George W. Bush from 2001 through 2006. He served on the Iraq War Council.



  • LOL.. speaking of the devil on earth live
  • Don't you all have a baby to abort? Secular progressives have no place at the pulpit. Among Trump's many good deeds, he is bringing back prayer into the public classroom. Amen? XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
  • President Trump has to make his case first because if he doesn't, then, Pelosi will make a case against the President. I am glad the President does not let others define him or his agenda. They did that to Romney. Trump would not allow it.
  • classic case of a wolf wearing sheep's skin. btw, he was talking about Romney and Pelosi, two very religious people.
  • "Secular progressives have no place at the pulpit." Which Gospel did you find this blasphemy in, z?

    Did you even bother to read the Gerson Op-Ed, which discussed the address given just before Trump spoke, the one about Jesus' admonition to "Love thine enemies"? The address given by "the former president of the American Enterprise Institute (and Post columnist) Arthur C. Brooks, who spoke on the themes of his wonderful 2019 book 'Love Your Enemies.'?" Arthur C. Brooks is no "secular progressive." The American Enterprise Institute is no hotbed of "secular progressives".

    Do you agree with Der Fuhrer's blasphemy at the National Prayer Breakfast? Apparently both of you do.

    You are below conempt, just like your hero, the Fascist-in-Chief. Both of you, crawl back into your holes.
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    It was magnificent. The President said Pray for me but more importantly pray for my enemies and then he looked straight at pelosi and she averted her eyes. Lol

    Never will we abandon our religions and never will Christians be prosecuted around the world so long ae my administration is here.

  • Which pulpit are you preaching from? The Synagogue of Abortion? Trump came down a golden escalator from a much better dwelling into a roach-infested Obama White House, where the Clintons stole furniture years before. One only needs to analyze the net-worth of all recent presidents, before and after their presidency, to realize that the Clintons and the Obama's crawled into the White House from their holes. Fortunately for them, they mysteriously got rich from their tenure in the oval office, so they can now afford better holes. We have seen fascism tearing up the Constitution or the SOTU speech in front of America. XOXOXOXOXOXO
  • He was acquitted is that a lie?
  • Did you look at anything but the newspaper headline, Anunaki? Did you watch the video? Did you read the Gerson Op-Ed. No, of course not, too much trouble, to many facts.
  • SC, I thought the breakfast was held at the Hilton Hotel--not at some church somewhere. Just because it's called prayer breakfast, it does not make the location any holier that requires certain decorum. As such, it's the political decorum that is expected--not a church decorum.
  • Op eds are personal opinions not facts.
  • And your an asshole. My opinion, but probably also a provable fact.
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    ^I may be a Arsehole but im not a liar like you! Your opinions don't count in a court of law. Only FACTS!

    Trumps acquittal showed that.
  • BS! Trump acquitted not in a court of law but by a rigged republican senate. the Only Fact!
  • Trump has yet to answer for his crimes "in a court of law," as Reaper falsely asserts.

    Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives and tried in the U.S. Senate.

    Congress is NOT "a court of law." It is a political body, not a court.

    The Attorney General - appointed by Trump - has protected Trump from being charged for his crimes "in a court of law" by claiming that the president is above the law.
  • Trump brought disputed executive privilege to court and for that he was impeached for "obstruction of congress." Nadler said that court processes will take too long....then he, Schiff and Skeletor sat on the impeachment articles for a month. SMH.
  • Trump said he was not perfect, but he's trying. On the other hand, Pelosi claims she is praying while her party promote Roe V Wade murder tens of millions of american babies. The Left preaches sodomy to the world and prohibit prayer in the classroom. They teach our kids to be gender neutral since masculinity is immoral. THeir policies incarcerate fathers and prmomote single mothers so they can indoctrinate children in the classrooms to be democrats. When they protest, they say we should give up our constitutional right to bear arms or to speak freely. The Left even took away "Christmas."

    .....but Trump making America Great Again. He's bringing prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance back into the public school classroom too. The only religion the Democrats have been promoting is the one is satanic, e.g. killing babies, hating of America and the flag. supporting Islamic terrorists. etc.
  • I guess that I am not a "leftist" since I oppose abortion and I support prayer in religious schools. lol

    But back to the subject of this thread:
  • Vengeance is mine, says the self-appointed "Annointed One." Christian? lol
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