The White Nationalist-in-Chief and Fascist Fuhrer Lies Once Again

Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf claims that since he became president, more jobs have been created than ever before. "We're producing jobs like you have never seen before in this country," he said during a recent speech in Michigan.

More bullshit. More jobs were created in the last three years of the Obama administration than in an equal period in the first three years of the Trump administration.

Facts don't lie. Trump does.


  • "Facts don lie" then posts source: cnn. lol
  • well, if you can't dispute the fact, just shut yourself!.
  • Do you have any sources which contradict these numbers from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics? Of course not. You just lie and deflect and obfuscate as you were taught to do by the Liar-in-Chief. If you have any information which contradicts this article, z, then put up. Otherwise, STFU.
  • Economy is high and 100 million Americans are now employed. Manufacturing jobs are coming back. All these things are true. The last President couldn't achieve this is also true.

  • You are demonstrating your profound ignorance once again, Anunaki. BTW, as I recall, more than 130 million or so Americans are now employed. Many in two or more jobs just to be able to afford shelter and a meal.

    Before you slander President Obama, maybe you should read up on his eight years in office.
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    8 years of Obama gave us THIS

  • 1/3 of the US is employed under Trump. Lowest unemployment rate in 30 years. 30 years!!!!

    Manufacturing jobs are coming back under Trump while Obama said these jobs will never come back.
  • What is your source, Crapper? Let me know so I can prove you are a liar just like the Nazi-in-Chief.

    In the meantime, read the following. It is from, a project of the Annenberg Foundation. Annenberg, BTW, was NOT a Democrat.
  • The Whitehouse is my source. Fact-check org is CNN affiliated!
  • The White House is your source? Then you are a lost soul. A real DF. The White House? The residence of the Liar-in-Chief? The home of the man (?) who has told at a minimum 15 lies per day every day for his first three years in office?

    You are effing nuts! Period. Full Stop. LOL

    Oh, and BTW, if you can prove that is CNN affiliated, then prove it. Since you can't prove it, because it isn't true, stop your effing lying, asshole.
  • SC, what appears to be good numbers during Obama administration is a reflection of the most expensive spending--in the trillions--that was spent to support many large corporations from bankruptcy. Banks, automakers, insurance companies, etc. That's why the US's debt increased by several trillion dollars--much more debts that all the previous combined presidents (Bush,, Clinton, etc.).

    As such, whatever good numbers that some people are pointing to now as credited to Obama, are not the results of good economic performance by Obama but reflects the debt increase by the US Government.

    As for Trump, he is applying real "economic development principles": cut taxes so people can spend to stimulate the economy; bring more jobs to the US by renegotiating trade agreements; stop foreign countries from manipulating the rate of their currencies; cancel trade agreements that provide a lot of loopholes to China to take advantage of the US; etc.

    Don't forget Obama's famous words that reflect his ignorance of economic development principles. When asked if the US jobs that were transferred to Mexico as a result of the NAFTA, he said the Americans just have to accept that.

    And when asked about Trump's promises that he will bring the jobs back, Obama asked sarcastically if Trump had a "magic wand"--that Trump can just wave and the jobs are returned back. Well, to make the long story short, it does appear that President Trump has the "magic wand".
  • When did you become an economics expert, marc? How does one argue with FOX News bullshit, run through the filter of Trump-colored eyes?

    I guess the second Bush administration policies were just fine, and Obama ruined everything. And now Der Fuhrer is making everything better again, by giving $1.3 trillion in US tax dollars to the richest corporations and Americans and ending food stamps for poor Micronesians who are trying to make a living cutting up chickens and pigs for $8.25 per hour. You must be right. You are a professional historian and economist, right?
  • SC, my point is for those who say that Obama's economic policies did well; and set the stage for the comeback under Trump. That is not correct. Yes, Obama was able to stop the hemorrhage when he came to the office. So that was good. The problem is his administration's approach was to throw trillions of dollars to solve the problem. As a result, the US's debt increased by several trillions under Obama.

    Trump's approach is different. You mentions about "giving $1.3 trillion in US tax dollars to the richest corporations... Actually, what you are referring to was not money that was already collected. You are talking about potentials. But the real benefit to the economy is this: by lowering taxes for corporations, this incentivized them to bring their profits to America--to invest in American economy. Because their tax rates were reduced, they brought their profits to the US; paid their taxes which was now reasonable; and in turn, used their money to invest by expanding their businesses, etc.

    And in the end, they hired more workers; who then are able to learn more; pay their taxes; and have good amount to spend on their families, purchase cars, tv, computers, etc.

    If Trump did not create an incentive for the corporations, their international incomes would still be parked in some investment havens somewhere in Bahamas and other such locations outside of the US taxing jurisdiction. So this is good for all. Corporations bring their cash to US. They pay their taxes to the US Treasury at lower rate; they invest their cash to the US economy. People are hired to work; and taxes for their personal incomes. But people also have a lot of left to buys what they want and need. Consumer spending is one of the ways to grow the economy.
  • Why in the name of Almighty God do you think I care what your point is. It is your opinion, totally unsupported by fact. As far as I am concerned, keep your opinions to yourself, and if you have facts to back up your opinions, provide them and the sources for them.
  • SC, I can back what I am saying: tax havens; incentive for corporations to bring money to US, pay taxes and invest; employment opportunities; etc.
  • marc said, "I can back what I am saying."

    Well, marc, we are waiting. Where are your facts and sources?

    Or do you only have "feelings" about these issues?
  • The camera doesn't lie.
  • Never point, wave or make a fist else you are Hitler. lmao.
  • No, just preach white supremacist hatred, and trash the rule of law, and you will be compared to Hitler. But the gestures are revealing.
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    Socialism brought us these...History tells us we Democrats are following the footsteps of their socialists brothers in Europe


    The similarities between Nazis and Democrats social and federal policies are one and the same.
  • Poor Reaper. Like his hero the Liar-in-Chief, he doesn't even know the difference between constitutional democracy, socialism, and fascism.

  • Informative post, Reaper.
  • "Informative post." LoL Lots of Lies and no facts.
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