Trade Deficit Bigger than When Trump Took Office

Here's another economic report from CNN, z. Attack this one for the sourcing. Then provide alternative facts to prove that US government numbers are not real. Facts don't lie. You and Trump do.


  • Facts don't lie.....CNN does.
  • and if you can not dispute the fact, Il repeat, just shut yourself up!
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    The same can be said about Obama and Bush. Obama left the White house after eight years with a much greater trade deficit than he had inherited from Bush. Not to mention the colossal national debt which he left behind. Trump, on the other hand took three years to change the trend on trade deficit.

    It's hard to stop imports when there is so much consumer spending in Trump's vibrant economy. Especially when the globalist policies of Democrats have exported most our factories to China. It will take four more years to undo decades of globalist policies that continue to undermine the US economy.

    Next time, use a real source. Not fake news source.
  • Slick, asshole, really slick. You provide trade figures for China, CNN provides trade figures for all trading partners. But you don't tell anybody you are cooking the books, playing with the numbers, arguing apples against oranges.

    Why don't you find the source CNN used and actually compare apples to apples. Because, of course, that would prove CNN right, and your fake news claims would go straight up your ass, along with your head.
  • Here are the numbers for US Trade With the Whole World, from the same source. Just to prove you are a liar and a dissembler, z. What does z stand for, anyway? Zero?
  • That's an intelligent response.
  • Obama became president in January of 2009 and exited in January 2017. lol. The trade deficit trend hasn't changed....until now. The trade deficit has dropped 1.7% according to the commerce department.Common sense dictates the Democrats cannot win the White House with this successful Trump economy. So progressive minions in mainstream media and social media will need suppress the successes and optimism of Americans to defeat Trump 2020. Too bad many people (especially in the Party of Abraham Lincoln) are not gullible like the Democrat's slaves, Nazis and Marxists. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
  • yeah right!. full of shit you too z, the selfishness and greedy gene
  • Obviously, zero, you can't read, otherwise, you might have avoided demonstrating your stupidity. If you had just looked at the information I provided when I pointed out your stupid apples-to-oranges deceit (see above) you would have known that the trade deficit has in fact changed. It is now significantly worse than when Obama left office.

    You can see these numbers if you go to the link I provided and scroll down, but I will put them in here so you don't hurt yourself trying to figure out how to work the link. I am going back only to the last year of Obama's first term because of the ruin the Bush administration made of the economy (remember the Great Recession?). The numbers are in millions of dollars:

    2012 = -730,446.3; 2013 - 689,469.9; 2014 = -734,482.3; 2015 = -745,483.0; 2016 = -735,326.2; 2017 = -793,410.6; 2018 = -874,813.7; 2019 = -852,949.1.

    As people with third grade educations can see, the numbers during the last five years of the Obama administration ranged from a low of $-689 billion to a high of $-745 billion. In the first year of the Trump administration the trade deficit went from $-735 billion to $-793 billion, an increase of almost 10%! The following year it increased by another $-81 billion, to $-874 billion. Really successful economy I guess.

    Also, don't forget the $30 billion or thereabouts the US taxpayers had to pay to US farmers to make up for the losses US farmers suffered as a result of Der Fuhrer's trade wars.


    Oh, and BTW, your latest link, regarding the 1.7% drop, actually says it is the first drop in the LAST SIX YEARS. Three of which are during the Trump administration. Look at the numbers, Zero. See if you can figure them out.
  • How much of the deficit was added by the Obama administration?
  • You may not know it, from your question, but you are probably referring to the National Debt, rather than the Trade Deficit. That is another thread, and another story. This is about Zero's bullshit. If you don't have anything to add to this thread, create your own.

    BTW, the National Debt went up significantly under the Obama administration, due almost entirely to the wrecking of the US economy under the George W. Bush administrations, beginning with Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2002, leading to his first recession, and then of course the Great Recession of 2008 when the US began hemorrhaging jobs right and left, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, and we had to bail out the banks and auto industries. You can blame Obama if you want, but it was the policies of the Bush administration that led to that debacle.

    Look it up, if you want, or spew your white nationalist hate, your choice. You are still a Nazi. Oh, and another BTW, if you want to see the National Debt go up significantly under a strong economy, you don't have to look any further than the last three years under Der Fuhrer. Up $4 trillion in his first three years, and with deficit spending estimated to add $1.3 trillion AT LEAST over the next ten years, no matter who is president, the National Debt will have increased at a minimum by +/- $5 trillion during Der Fuhrer's first term alone, during, as you fascists would put it, THE STRONGEST ECONOMY IN HISTORY!!!!!

    I though the Republican Party was the party of fiscal conservatism. You assholes are spending like drunken sailors.
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    Obama had eight years and obviously failed. It took Trump three years to change the upward trend according to the latest news. Consumers tend to import more from Clinton's developed China when consumers earn more. Don't blame Trump when people earn and spend more, while the "do-nothing Democrats" launch unprecedented investigations and impeachments against his administration. The man has to win fighting trade fighting illegal immigrants, terrorists and criminals......... and win fighting Democrats who support the illegal immigrants, terrorists and criminals. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
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