Vindman fired by Trump and escorted off the White House

While one can sympathize with people being fired, it should also be understood that Trump, being the Chief Executive that he is as well as being the US President, does not allow staff to undermine his policies. That's the way these things work. If you don't want to work with a particular CEO, you should resign rather than try to undermine the policies that are put forth by such a CEO. If you do undermine, then, be prepared to be fired.


  • Don't forget Ambassador Sondland. He spent a million dollars to get a job with the Fuhrer, and he got fired today too.
  • SC, your comments just prove the point I am making above. So it does not matter if you contributed millions of dollars. The question is whether or not, you will be supportive of the policies that are laid out by the CEO. This is true in the private sector, in large corporations, and in the governments. If you want an effective operation, everybody--all the staff--must row in the same direction based on the direction that is set by the CEO. If you don't want to--or if you have ideas, then, it's perfectly acceptable for you to get off. Simple as that. You can make yourself a CEO and then decide whatever you want.
  • When exactly did the president of the United States, in our history, become a CEO. My guess is January 20, 2017. Prior to that date, he (no she yet) was just a president of the United States. BTW, a CEO can be fired by a Board of Directors. Without cause or even a trial. Would that were so.
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    The President set the policies not bureaucrats. Vindman is a bureaucrat. His job was to enforce the policies of the President not the other way around.

    I don't like to believe there is a deep State but with every day I'm starting to believe that there is a deep state.

    This is one of the reasons why Republicans vote to acquit Trump in the Senate. I along with them now believe a deep state exists within the US government.

    One of Trump's promises was to drain the swamp or getting rid of bureaucrats that have been in power for a long time. And i believe the deep state and Democrats along with MEDIA are in COLLUSION to take Trump out if not stop him from fulfilling his promises.
  • what a waste and empty post, at the same time all lies and made up just like the pathetic president

    hey Reaper, what policy are you talking about Vindman was to enforce that Trump setted?

    also, your reasoning why the republican voted acquit the president is full of shit!

    last but not least, your conclusion that the corrupted president has drain the swap like he promised is a big lie.

    my humble advice to you? you really needs to pull your head out of your ass cause everything you say is full of shit!


  • FACT: Trump, acting again like a mafia mob boss, fired the Director for European Affairs for the United States National Security Council, Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, for telling the truth, under oath to Congress, about Trump's effort to force Ukraine to help Trump win re-election.

    If Vindman had lied to protect Trump, he would still have his job working to protect the constitution and the American people.

    Vindman is an American patriot and hero. Trump is a disgraced, corrupt, lying traitor.
  • Marc, your reasoning & analogy baffles me. You should know better & already know the truth behind the firing

    Vindman’s firing is nothing but an act of retaliation by Trump for Vindman’s testimony before the US House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight Committees in October as part of the impeachment inquiry into the president.

    Vindman was the White House National Security Council advisor for Ukraine. Vindman, of Ukranian origin or ethnicity, came to the US when 3 years old.

    Unlike Trump, Vindman served in th US military & got injured in Iraq & awarded the Purple Heart

    White House officials had said that Vindman's job was eliminated as part of an overall re-organization of the National Security Council, but declined to comment after his ouster.

    Mr. Vindman testified & told the truth about Trump’s wrongdoing in the Ukrainian scandal & he got fired for it. Plain & Simple.

    Marc, this is where I think you’re wrong.

    Vindman did not undermine Trumps policy.

    He simply told the truth about the Ukranian scandal & ended up on the long list of officials either being removed, replaced or fired by a narcissistic, egotistical & impulsive Tweeter junkie.
  • AntiC, you are correct in the many things you are saying. But from my perspective, for an organization to be really effective, there needs to be one and only one chief executive--or President--as somebody else insisted.

    From the way the different sources have described Trump's decision-making, he asks/insists that his staff and the relevant/appropriate people to provide their honest and full input. He wants to hear all side. This approach tends to create tension but it leads to honest opinions that are expressed--from all sides.

    Then, based on those inputs, he makes a decision as President. He does not look for a compromise. He looks for the best option. From then on, once he decides on the policy, he expects everybody to fall in line--even those who expressed different opinions during the input phase of the discussion.

    This is how chief executives make decision--not so much based on compromise but based on best options that is consistent with his overall goals and sense of direction.

    As such, he expects Vindeman and everybody to tow the line. He expects everybody to fall in line with the option that he had decided on. That's how he operates. He is confident in decisions that he makes--because it is vetted with other inputs.

    So when Vindeman and others decide to cross the President, then, that's fine. But they just need to work someplace else--if they don't believe in implementing the President's decision.

  • He fired Nothin less nothing more. Another big Nothin NEWSl. He served at the pleasure of President. Remember Comey! Same thing.
  • marc, you are confusing a presidency with a dictatorship.

    In a constitutional, democratic republic like the U.S., career military officers who testify under oath and tell the truth under subpoena are not fired by honest presidents with nothing to hide.

    That is what criminal dictators do.
  • Alexander Vindman’s lawyer Michael Volkov responded to Trump on Saturday by emphasizing that Vindman will land “at a good spot” at the Pentagon, where he will be assigned until July 1, when he is to begin a new posting at the Army War College.

    “Clearly the Army is not participating in the president’s desire to retaliate,” he said.
  • FM, but that was/is the plan. Trump does not want him out of a job. Vindeman will be moved out of the White House where NSC has offices (where he was temporarily assigned early on)--so that he will no longer have access to listen to President Trump's telephone calls. No big deal. He was assigned from military to the White House; so he'll just return to military. Routine staff management.
  • How the f**k do you know what the plan was/is marc. Were you in the room with Der Fuhrer last Friday? Maybe the House Armed Services Committee should subpoena you to testify as to what Der Fuhrer's plan was for Lt. Col. Vindman, AND HIS BROTHER, who did nothing other than be born minutes apart from the Lt. Colonel. I'll bet your eyes are brown. Because you are really full of shit, pwipwi.
  • Marc, I think you're wrong again

    Vindman’s firing wasn’t planned. It was clearly Trump’s retaliation for Vindman telling the truth about the Ukrainian scandal or issue.

    Marc, You’re wrong again & again,

    Regarding what you posted,

    "From then on, once he decides on the policy, he expects everybody to fall in line--even those who expressed different opinions during the input phase of the discussion."

    What Policy are you talking about?
    The Bribery Policy?

    Marc, I think you’re confused.
    You need to start smoking some real ganja or pakololo!

    Policy is one thing


    Withholding or releasing foreign aid to a foreign leader or country in return for a favor - investigation of his political rival Biden is another thing ——a very serious malfeasance.
  • SC, you seem violently surprised by what I said. If you were to understand the principles of staff management, from the perspective of an executive who had come from the private sector, you would know that what Trump did regarding Vindeman is normal. If you have a person who has access to the calls of the US President, you should not be too eager to tell the world about them. Why? Because President's calls are confidential. Why? Because if they are not confidential, then, the President will not be able to talk with the Presidents of other countries. So, moving Vindeman was expected. Nothing more and nothing less. Trump would be derelict of his duty if he did not move Vindeman away from his office.

    AntiC, I am referring to policy development in general.
  • Fascist BS. Opinion of a fool presented as fact. I guess I have to believe you because you are so smart! How many PhDs do you have anyway, genius?
  • SC, it's not a matter of being smart. Wouldn't you do the same thing if somebody working for you were going around undermining you?
  • marc, U.S. presidents are NOT corporate CEO's and presidents are NOT supposed to act like corporate CEO's.

    Nor are they supposed to act like mafia mob bosses.

    Why? Because CEO's are not elected and do not take the solemn presidential oath to, "...faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

    Sadly, Trump takes great pride in violating that solemn oath by acting like a CEO and - worse- like a mafia mob boss.

  • I guess we should all be thankful that, at least for the time being, truth tellers don't simply "disappear" for embarrassing the state.
  • Those communists are terrible...oops, pardon me. No offense to the Marxists whose candidate leads in the Democrats' caucuses.

  • Yup he will be reassigned back to the military and his secret clearance will be revoked. He didn't follow proper procedures. He was a military intel person his job was to report to the chain of command not outside of it. He didn't report his opinions to the military chain of command and if did and the military chain of command ignored it he would have been justifiable in blowing the whistle. But he didn't he went outside of the military chain of command and contacted a obama official within the NSC who in turn contacted Adam Schiff who said under oath he never talked to the whistleblower.

    Remember all that? Republicans in the Senate intelligence Committee are planning to subpoena the whistleblower and have a live hearing in the Senate for all the US to see. No meetings or hearings under the bunker of the Senate like the Democrats in the house did.

    We will have first row seat to this guys. And along with Rudy Giuliani will released his findings he found on how the Obama administration gave 2 billion dollars to a oil company that had links to Russia how Bidens son got millions of dollars working for this company that had links to Putin and Russia and we will see how the Democrats used russians assets in Ukriane to supply the Steele dossier and how Ukrainians along with the DNC tried to stop Trump from winning in 2016.
  • Full of shit again!! that military man was subpoena by congress house intel committee whos constitutional duty is to oversight the administration. by responding the the subpeona, he did his duty by protect and defenbd the constution. but for that bull shit Reaper to made up his own story is another bull shit coming out of that empty coconut of his.. shame!
  • Our favorite Trump quote: "You ARE FIRED!" XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD Good bye, democrat turd. You can put that in your resume. lol
  • Good riddance. I believe Vindman will be hired by CNN. Lol
  • He will be a political analyst for CNN by the end of the year after the Army kicks him out.
  • Unfortunately, no horseplay is allowed in Leavenwoth. So Vindman will get prison-raped by Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper to the sound of "Taps."XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
  • So much for "supporting the troops" and "defending the constitution." image
  • The Hill a Liberal news paper: March 29, 2019 - 03:00 PM EDT
    The president's defense budget continues the military rebuild

    The Trump administration's budget request gets many things right, but there are areas where Congress can - and should - improve on the proposal.

    It starts with the overall dollar amount. The administration's request of $750 billion aligns with the needs outlined by former Defense Secretary James Mattis. His recommendation for annual Pentagon budget increases of between 3 and 5 percent above inflation were subsequently endorsed by the bipartisan National Defense Strategy Commission. Their estimates are that Pentagon funding at that level should be enough to maintain our military's current competitive advantages over peer adversaries.

    So, the president's topline number for defense is fine. But how he gets there isn't. He proposes limiting the base defense budget to $576 billion - the cap established in the Budget Control Act of 2011. The rest of the money would come from the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account. It is a shortsighted way to budget for defense. OCO resources are only fully available for the current year, whereas planning for modernization requires multi-year commitments. Additionally, tapping the OCO for planned defense projects completely distorts the reason the fund exists, which is to fund actual emergencies.

    In the past two years, the Pentagon has made considerable strides in restoring military power highly leveraged by over 15 years of continuous warfare. It also has made significant improvement in readiness levels. The Army, for example, now has 15 brigades rated as combat ready, versus only 10 ready brigades two years ago. In this area, it is a matter of maintaining the emphasis and letting the changes take place in the military.

    On the great power competition front, two things are worth highlighting: the Space Force and the Army modernization. Creating a Space Force will help the country and the military focus on what it takes to maintain space dominance. It also will enable the United States to concentrate its space assets and sharpen Pentagon thinking on how to tackle the challenges of space
  • where obama destroyed and shrank the military Trump is doing the opposite. While Obama gutted the military, Trump is rebuilding it.

    Another promise being fulfilled. MAGA
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