At Least 60 Fortune 500 Corporations Paid Zero Federal Tax in 2018

Under the tax law passed by the Republican Party (both Houses in Congress had Republican Majorities) and signed by Der Fuhrer in 2017, almost 100 large US corporations paid absolutely no federal income tax, and sixty of those were Fortune 500 corporations (the 500 largest US corporations).

Not only did they not pay ANY federal tax on their billions of dollars in profits, they actually received in excess of $4 billion in tax rebates!

We don't know how many avoided all federal tax in 2019 yet. Did any of you get all your tax money back?


  • You attest the Left wants to raise taxes. Good for you.

    Who do you think ultimately pays for those tax burdens? You are kidding yourself if you think business owners and CEO's can't raise prices on goods or services, or restrict wage increases, bonuses and recruitment (jobs).

    Do you actually think business owners and CEO's would rather pay taxes out of their own pockets? Business owners and corporate CEO's are greedy like socialists too. They won't pay if they can help it. And they can help themselves, because people in the USA are free to do what they like with their businesses. Democrats think they can control every aspect of those private businesses.....well that's the primary trait of Fascism.

    Your socialist policies will have constituents out of the job and in lines, at their neighborhood Burger King kiosks.
  • I'm hoping you and your parents and your all of your living relatives have to pay those tax burdens. Unfortunately, that won't happen because you and everybody you are related to is on public assistance. Oh, but I forgot, you and your relatives are business owners. Don't you own the whorehouse down the block. Where does your sister work, anyway.
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    ^this is what happens when you don't have facts and a brown man debate you and point out the holes in your argument. What does the white socialist Democrat do? He insults his or her opponent hoping insults alone will be sufficient for the facts he does not have.

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    Are you criticizing recipients of federal aid? Good for you!

    I always knew democrats hated their niggers, including Micronesians on Compact aid. Your hateful criticism of those who depend on federal aid goes to show how Democrats snub Tulsi Gabbard for her Pacific Island roots. Democrat renown hate and racism are strong in you. Keep it up and you may be one of their Grand Dragons.
  • ^z, let him air out his anger. When ever socialists get mad they say whats really in their heart. As you can tell the hate for welfare recipients is strong in Sarem.

    The truth is coming out. Let out brothers and sisters see him for the real hate filled white socialists that he is.
  • Tulsi Gabbard finished in seventh place in New Hampshire. Behind a 78 year old fraud, a gay mayor, a surprise Senator from Wisconsin who may in fact win the nomination, behind Senator Warren and former Vice President and Senator Joe Biden, and behind Tom Steyer. In fact she may have finished in 8th place, behind Andrew Yang, who dropped out. I don't remember that for sure, because they never showed that far down the line of those who actually received votes.

    I guess you orange guys just didn't care enough to vote for her or send her money.
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