Democrats Ignore Samoan Hawaiian Running for President

Tulsi Gabbard is a Samoan Hawaiian who is running for the office of the US president. She is also a US veteran. Why are Democrats and their mainstream media ignoring her campaign?

It seems Democrats have once again put us colored folks in the back of the bus.


  • Because she is a Republican. She only claims to be a Democrat. I guess she is a liar, Zero, just like you and the Fascist-in-Chief.

    BTW, do you have any proof that you are "colored folk[]"?
  • yeah man. that z, now wanna be color but his mind state is all white nationalist but if its true, then he is a 'coconut". ahah
  • That may be Tulsi Gabbard's problem, visafree. She keeps wandering the halls of Congress complaining that "us colored folks don't get no respect in the primaries." What a quaint phrase, Zero, "colored folks". LoL
  • Yes, z is definitely one of those "colored folks." Orange.

  • Tulsi Gabbard may not be socialist but she IS a Democrat. Atleast the kind that JFK used to be. She is also a Samoan Hawaiian, thus a Pacific Island sister. She could have been Micronesian and she'd be sent to the back of the bus, because she joined the political party that created the KKK.
  • Gabbard is a Democrat just like Sanders is a Democrat, one on the extreme left and Gabbard on the extreme right. And she isn’t even a politician as much as she is a personality. One term in Congress and calls it quits? Look for her on FOX News in the not too distant future. TV personality and not much else.

    And are you back to that “party of the KKK” bullshit? Get a life.
  • She is a real US veteran and a real Hawaiian unlike Obama who is a fake Hawaiian. She is a moderate,like JFK Current Democrat front runners want to fund health care for illegal immigrants, this proves the Democrat Party has moved far left. Those original JFK-type democrats who have common sense are now scorned.
  • Show me a White Nationalist who argues in favor of a “Democrat” and I’ll show you a Nazi with ulterior cynical motives.
  • Tulsi is a minority within her Democrat party. She is a center right Democrat. She is a LIBERALS liberal. The Democrat party is by now majority leaning socialism. Socialist like SaremChuuk hate her because she is a liberal. A real liberal. And Tulsi disagree with Obama and Hillary. She has been called a Russian spy by Hillary Clinton. And as we can see SC is following orders from socialists headquarters and demonizing a women of color like Tulsi. @SaremChuuk is is white. The whites still control the Democrat party and they don't like to see a women of color like Tulsi running for President because she is not controlled by these whites.
  • I guess you can call me a socialist if you want, Nazi, but you would be as wrong as you are describing Gabbard as a Democrat. She is actually a self-serving bullshit artist. A lot like you in that respect.

    I can’t comment on your description of Gabbard as a liberals liberal, because I have no idea WTF you are talking about. It is nothing but verbal diarrhea as far as I can tell.

    And no, I am not a socialist, and never have been. If I had been old enough to vote in1952 I would have voted for Eisenhower. I almost voted for Nixon in 1972 because of his overtures to China.

    What I can tell you definitively is that you don’t know shit about anything.
    And Hillary was right about Gabbard. Go suck rocks, Nazi.
  • The whites still control the DNC and when brown and blacks step out of line they get punished. Tulsi is being punished. According to @SaremChuuk, Tulsi is also a white nationalists because she disagree with Clinton and Obama.

    You are a socialist. A white socialists.
  • Vindman was punished, as was his brother. Sondland was punished. All are white, Sondland is a Republican, $1 million poorer due to bad choices.

    Tulsi Gabbard has not been punished, except by the democratic process of choosing the best candidate from many. She is just a poor ass politician, and a whiner, like you.

    I’m not a socialist, however. I guess I could be accurately be called a white non-socialist.

    You sound mad because we Democrat’s don’t welcome Nazis in our club. Get your own club, Nazi, and quit whining.
  • She lost cause she is a educated women of color who disagree with the white majority socialists leaning members of the Democrat party.

    She is a Nazi because she disagree with Obama's war in Syria and called Hillary the living example of everything wrong with the Democrat party.

    She spoke the truth and the white SOCIALISTS masters of the DNC are punishing het.

    You are a white socialists @SaremChuuk, you yourself have advocated for socialism in here many times.

  • Find one post in this forum where I advocated for socialism.
  • Look through your comment history and you will find yourself defending socialism over capitalism. Lol
  • Your job, not mine. You made the statement, you prove it.
  • Everyone have read your comments in the past and we all know you are a die heart SOCIALISTS.
  • Weak. Hopeless Nazi asshole. GFY
  • Hillary doesn't like her because Gabbard opposes the wars Hillary supported and in some cases started. Other Democrats like Sarem hate her because she is not radical enough or a socialist.

    I don't agree with her joining the political party that created the KKK, but I feel saddened that she is scorned by democrats. She is a Pacific Islander. She deserves better than falling victim to the Democrats' renown racism. Who am I trying to fool here? A Marxist leads in the Democrats' caucuses. SMH
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    She has some very unnerving ties to the Assad Regime and flirted with serving in the White House after the '16 election. Some of her foreign policy is really strong and she pulls some support from the "right" with her America first rhetoric and military service. Her intentions are a bit murky...imageimage
  • She is not controllable to the Democrats that's why they fear her. They want a good colored girl who takes orders from the white masters in the Democrat party.
  • As if it matters to the idiot Nazi club, I never gave Gabbard a second thought because I was, and remain, certain that he had less chance then Yang to get the Democratic nomination. Simple as that.

    I was opposed to Harris and Gillibrand because both of these lawyers (Harris former DA and California Attorney General) seemed to forget the concept of Due Process when it came to Al Franken, preferring political expedience to fairness.

    And just so you all know, I have never supported Senator Sanders because he is a fraud. Simple.

    I would have liked to see Senator Booker go further, but that is what happens.

    So sorry your "good colored girl" hasn't gotten any support. Why don't you all send her some money for her campaign?
  • You would have like you say or pretend but the majority white gatekeepers of the Democrats party said no to blacks and colored people getting the Democrat nomination. Democrat party slogan shoild be "By White's for whites".

    Democrats racism shows its true face.
  • Obama is no ordinary African American. His ancestors were never slaves. They were slave traders who sold slaves. Makes sense now how he got special treatment? Ordinary colored Americans can't lead the Democrats because they are not slave masters or slave traders.
  • so your proof or get the fuck out of here you dumb fuck z and ass kissing reaper. two assholes!
  • Zero is no ordinary American. He is not even an American. His parents were Japanese and Spanish colonialists who enslaved the Micronesian people.
  • Let Obama dead legacy or what ever left of it rest in peace.

  • it all about popularity . no racist. other candidates were not that popular that's why, it also about wise financial decision by the DNC to win, they need to channel their money where the popularity stay!.. simple concept!
  • Its all about skin color. GOP got a orange man while you guys only vote white. Lol
  • Where did your nice "colored girl" finish in New Hampshire last night, corporal? Behind a fraud, a gay man, a surprise woman from Wisconsin, Senator Warren, Vice President Biden, rich man Tom Steyer, and Andrew Yang, an Asian who dropped out because he couldn't get traction. If Harris and Booker had stayed in the race, she would have finished behind them.

    It appears the Democrats are pretty smart.

    Go applaud your orange man. He won the Republican primary. Except in Dixville Notch, NH, where the only vote cast in the Republican primary was for MICHAEL BLOOMBERG, A DEMOCRAT!
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