Apparently he Just Doesn't Really Care

Back in early January, after the Fascist-in-Chief assassinated the leader of the Iranian Quds Force, Iran retaliated with a missile attack on two US bases in Iraq. The Liar-in-Chief came on the TV and told everybody that all was "just perfect," and that nobody was hurt.

Now, of course, seven sources have revealed to CNN that the latest count of traumatic brain injuries resulting from the Iranian missile attacks exceeds 100 soldiers.

Not a peep from the Commander in Chief. Crickets. Tell the families of those soldiers that everything is OK and nobody got hurt, Mr. Liar-in-Chief. We're waiting.

In case white nationalist readers in this forum choose to believe that everything CNN reports is fake news, here is the report from Reuters:

Interestingly, there doesn't seem to be any report yet from FOX News. Asleep at the switch, Murdock, or just another fascist?


  • Every combat serviceman has injuries. lol
  • Yours apparently more serious than most. They left you with verbal diarrhea and permanent stupidity. Lol
  • You know, Zero. Verbal diarrhea. You are constantly moving your vowels but nothing but loose, runny crap comes out.
  • As we can see SaremChuuk is still mad over Trump killing his Iranian friend. Lol
  • Actually I don’t give a shit about Soleimani. Dead or alive doesn’t mean anything to me.

    What I am pissed about is Der Fuhrer’s contempt for the young men and women who wear the uniform of the United States who are seriously injured because the Fascist-in-chief wants to get his rocks off assassinating somebody. That should bother you too, but you are just a Nazi asshole. GFY
  • You never cared about the military. Thats why you went to the peace corps service to avoid the military and time and time again you have shown us in here you hate the US military. Don't act like you concerned.

    Solemani is dead. Get over it.
  • I served, honorably, from 12/27/1968 to 08/15/1972. USAF Systems Command, Andrews AFB, Marlow Heights, MD.

    You really don’t know shit, Nazi. Where and when did you serve, coward?
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    You served in the Peace Corps you said once in here & You once claimed to be a Jew. I believe you did served in the Peace Corps but i don't for a second believe you are a Jew nor do i believe you served in the Military.

    You have too much hate for Jews and the Military to be a Jew and a vet.

    You served in the Peace Corps in Micronesia. That's the only true thing you have said that I've piece together from the many years we have dueled in here.

  • How did you get so stupid? Were you born that way or did you have to go to stupid school?

    Sorry to point out your ignorance, but I never served in the Peace Corps, and I did serve in the United States Air Force from 12/27/1968 to 08/15/1972. Reached E-5, and was given an honorable discharge.

    Prove me wrong, asshole, or STFU.
  • You said it in here that you served in the FSM area during to 60s to 70s during your time in the Peace Corps.

    You are former peace corps volunteer. Don't go pretend to be something you are not. You pretended to be a Jew i let that go but not this time.
  • I’ll help you out. My service number was AF11978627.
  • That service number does not exists. I looked it up on US military archives and it does not exists. There is no record of anyone with that service number @SaremChuuk. Its not on the national military archives & the Air forces own archives of past and present service records.

    Give us your DD-214 number. If you really did served you would have a DD214 #.
  • That number, Nazi asshole, is the number in Box 2 of my DD 214, the box immediately to the right of my name on the DD 214, and immediately to the left of my Social Security Number, which is located in Box 3. The DD 214 is the version in effect as of 1 JUL 70. I am looking at it as I type, schmuck.

    I don't know how you gain access to US Military Archive records, but my DD 214 with the Service Number I provided was good enough for Denver to provide a former employer with the gross amount of pay I received over the +/- 3.5 years I served so that I could add those years to my FERS pension. BTW, we weren't paid much to go to war and fight and die in rice paddies in those days. My total military pay for my +/- 3.5 years of honorable service in the USAF was +/- $10,100.

    So GFY, Nazi asshole.

    Give me an email address and I will gladly provide you with a PDF copy. That is if you will send a copy of your DD 214 to me at . lol
  • BTW, Dope Head, you may not have been able to find my records under my service number because they stopped using service numbers as identifiers for the Army and Air Force on July 1, 1969.

    So when I enlisted, on 12/27/1968, the Air Force issued me the service number listed above. All of my records would have been identifiable with that number, up until 07/01/1969, when they changed over to Social Security numbers. You would have to have my Social Security number to gain access to my records now.

    BTW again, I don't know why my Yahoo email address doesn't show up in the post above. It is there when I go to edit the post, but disappears when I save. Too bad.
  • BOOM! Once again, Weeper is exposed as this forum's King of BS.

    No wonder he worships the Liar-in-Chief, aka the King-of-Lies.
  • So many stolen valor these days. XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
  • You wouldn’t know valor if it were tied to the end of a red hot spear and shoved up your ass until it tickled your larynx.
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    I also looked into the air force service archives and not a single thing came up. I got in touch with one of the admins of the air force national archives which has record's all the way to the year the air force separated from the Army. And the admin told me personally that no such records of service number AF11978627 exists.

    I told him there must be a mistake because my grandpa says he served. And the admin told me that my grandpa is a bare face liar cuz if it exists he would have given me the records of AF11978627.

    @SaremChuuk you full of shit.
  • Seriously though, it's a crime to claim to have served in the military. SMH@SAREM CHUUK. Please remove the name Chuuk from your handle as it defames the honorable people from Chuuk.
  • He also claimed to be a Jew back in 2016 when Trump momentum was picking up. Sarem claimed to be a Jew and said he does not support Trump cause as a Jew himself Sarem is afraid. Then a few months later Sarem started going anti semitic in here when it appeared Trump would recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital. He started attacking the Jews as racists for supporting Trump. When someone pointed out that he must also be a racist cause he Jew Sarem said he was never a Jew.

    A history of BS Sarem has in here. Lying comes natural to democrats.
  • Too bad this forum won’t let me put an email address in here. Tell you what, heroes, message me your email addresses and I will email each of you a PDF copy of my DD 214. Then you can lie about that.

    Children of Satan and a succubus.
  • ^post it in here. Go on. By the way your service number is different from your DD214. You scum bag! Service number is given to you when you enlist and DD214 is given to you when you leave the service.

    You were in the rainbow Army, 2 beta brigade, 3rd butthole Pirate comapany, 1st snowflake division of the the peace Corp service.
  • And you like to eat mud, and you have no service number or DD214 because you were rejected for military service for abject stupidity. And because you wear girls panties. And because your parents warned the recruiters that you were violent toward girls in elementary school.

    And in case you haven't figured it out yet, this forum will not allow email addresses to appear. They are blacked out. Try it yourelf. Put your email address in a post in this thread, and see if it shows up after you click Post Comment. Go ahead. Or else message me with your email address and I will send you a PDF of my DD214, which was issued to me on 15 AUG 1972 and signed by Paul H. Dick, SMSGT, USAF, NCOIC, DPMMR
  • ^BS

    You got caught like Elizabeth Warren claiming to be something you are not. You service number is not the same as the DD214. Both are different things.

    Your a socialist, a lonely white socialist who has a lot of anger.
  • Here is the page which describes when the changeover from service number to social security number as the military identifier occurred. This is the source of my post above regarding this change.

    I will try to find an image online of a DD214 from my era in the military.

    BTW, Zero, if you are going to accuse me of committing a crime by claiming to have served in the United States Air Force, it might behoove you to get a lawyer. I don't take such accusations lightly.
  • You guys can exchange email addresses by using the private message function on this forum.

    Just click on the name you want to message, then open the message function. (Blue color at the top of the page.)
  • I pointed that out as well, FM, but have not received any email from Raper. The next best thing, an image of a DD214 from my era in the USAF, during the Viet Nam conflict, follows:
  • Looks legit to me, SC, and I have helped many vets apply to the VA for benefits and assistance.

    Thank you for your service.

    Weeper and z owe you an apology. And they should post their own DD214's.

    But don't hold your breath on that happening. LOL

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