The Facist-in-Chief's Initial Response to Injury Reports -- "I Heard They Have Headaches"

While in Davos, explaining how he is the greatest president in the history of the United States, Der Fuhrer was asked about the reports of traumatic brain injuries to US soldiers resulting from the Iranian missile attack. His response was predictable:


  • Of course! No one knows more about military combat and brain injuries than the draft-evading President Bonespurs.
  • Dude, you need to file claims with the VA. You have brain damage from TDS.
  • The Draft Evader-in-Chief know all about disabling injuries.


  • The reason bone spurs has long ties is so his wife doesn't notice he has tiny hands and an even smaller penis.
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    lol this is the kind of discussion where socialists bring out their disappointments. Airing out their anger and frustration that been building in their minds for the last 3 years knowing it will only end in 2024.

    Lol...air out those anger girls. If it helps I'm for it.
  • Yes. This is exactly that kind of discussion. You lie, I lie, you lie back, Zero lies, the gun smugglers lie and lie some more, you make up shit, and I enjoy myself. You got a problem with that, man who wears girly pants?
  • Vent those anger my sweetie. Its all you have. Lol
  • At least I have that. You have nothing. No ideas, no hopes, nothing other than a hatred of anyone who disagrees with you and a visceral overwhelming desire for naked power over others.

  • ^You are venting in here because you Have no hope and no ideas on how to beat conservatives in 2020. I don't need hope cause i know Trump will get reelected in 2020 and the GOP will retake the house. That's what happened last time Bill Clinton got impeached, the opposition party lost the house.

    I'm not the one calling anyone and everyone in here a Nazi because they disagree with me. I'm not the one spewing hateful and Antifa like tactics in here. Its you @SaremChuuk

    You want hatred and close mindedness look at your comment history. Its full of it. Look in the mirror you will see Hitler staring back at you.

  • I don't have hatred for you or anyone in here. Yes disagree but it don't mean you have to go trying to get people kicked out of this forum. I disagree i don't hate. Love 4 all and Fear for none! Don't u forget that.

    Now go on and vent. God i too would need to vent if my party tried hard for the last 3 years to get MAGA out of the office.

    Your Spying on Trump team failed!
    Your Campaign finance violations BS failed?
    Stormy Daniels failed!
    Avanetti failed!
    Democrat law suits failed!
    Trump is a racist has Failed!
    Mueller/Russian collusion investigation Failed!
    Impeachment Failed!

    That's all you have. No hope and no ideas. Lol
  • It’s all about winning, raw naked power for the sake of power over others that motivates you white nationalists. You could care less about other people, just your control over the levers of power.

    Ideas mean nothing to you. Helping those less fortunate is risible to you fascists.

    Pathetic excuses for human beings.
  • ^You just described the national mood of the Democrat party: pretend to care about people only pretending to care.

    If im a fascist then you are a Jew. Which of it is true? None!

  • Actually you are a fascist, and actually, I am not a Jew. At least according to you I am not a Jew, because according to you I am white. I guess I am like Ivanka and Jered -- I need an injection of semiticism. lol
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