Two Medal Of Honor Recipients Sound Off On Alexander Vindman

On Sunday, Medal of Honor recipient Leroy Petry appeared on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” where he discussed Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who was escorted out of the White House on Friday.

Petry defended President Donald Trump’s actions and laid into Vindman for putting himself before those he was fighting alongside, calling the impeachment witness a likely “chow thief” and a “spotlighter.”

Chow Thief: Someone who steal food from other people.

Spotlighter: Someone who seek attention.

“I respect Donald Trump’s actions on escorting [Vindman] out of the White House, because he, as a team player, he should have brought it up through the chain of command, and then blown the whistle if it didn’t get approved,” Perry told “Fox & Friends” on Sunday.

“I respect his service and I understand he’s a Purple Heart recipient, but being a Purple Heart recipient doesn’t make somebody a hero,” he noted.

Petry continued regarding Vindman, claiming he was dubbed a “chow thief” back at Ranger School and heard he “couldn’t be trusted.”

“They tried peering him out,” claimed Petry.

“Usually, folks that tried to make a big statue of something are what we call spotlighters in the military,” he added. “Trying to highlight themselves as a hero, or doing something great, and you could do something great just doing your job.”

“Fox & Friends” weekend co-host Pete Hegseth offered to “translate” Petry’s comments regarding Vindman:
Chow thief” meaning when there’s limited food, you’re taking some so that you can have some and your buddies don’t. “Spotlight ranger” is someone who, when the spotlight’s on, you do a great job; when it’s not, you’re not necessarily helping your buddies. And to be “peered out” means your fellow peers are voting against you to graduate from that particular school. I’ve also heard his political allegiance; he always wore it openly. Like, we all are allowed to have political views, but he’s been a left-winger his entire career, and now the president has a prerogative to get rid of him.
Medal of Honor recipient David Bellavia added some commentary on Vindman, too.

On Sunday, taking to Instagram to encourage folks to watch Petry’s “Fox & Friends” appearance, Bellavia said Vindman is seen as one of two things:
Vindman is a very controversial guy, depending on your politics; you either love him or you hate him. Joe Biden gave him a standing ovation. Some people see him as just an emotional kid who just is so partisan and blinded by his politics that he jumped the chain of command and was blinded by being a part of history and politics are more important than his oath.
Bellavia, between intermittent fits of laughter, then joked about Petry choosing to hit Vindman on the “chow thief” claims.

“Vindman was a chow thief,” Bellavia says, letting out a fit of laughter. “Leroy is so old school that that alone should have taken [Vindman’s] security clearance away. In Leroy Perty’s mind, being a chow thief is the unforgivable sin.”

“That is Leroy, and that’s why he needs to be on TV more,” Bellavia added, noting that Petry was “dead serious.”


  • BS once again! coming out of that empty coconut the reaper!
  • FOX & Friends. Nuff said. All respect due to Medal of Honor recipients. Too bad they joined the White Nationalists to fight against their own people.
  • As we can see these medal of honor recipients know Vindman. Both went to ranger school with him and agree with the President's decision to fire Vindman.

  • I doubt you can prove that these two enlisted men attended Ranger school with Vindman, an Army officer. Maybe they attended Ranger school at the same time (no proof of that I can see), but I really doubt they fraternized. More likely they took orders from him, and didn’t like it. A couple of sergeants bullshitting about an officer they didn’t like. Neither a career soldier either. I wonder how much FOX News paid them.
  • They knew him. Ad both say they attended Ranger school with him. And both officers and enlisted go through the same Ranger school together and both take orders from the NCOs or non commissioned officers who run Ranger school. And from the looks if all the class didn't like Vindman.

    I'll take the words of these medal of honor over yours @SaremChuuk. You only went to peace corps boot camp. Lol
  • Retired Army Brigadier General Peter Zwack, who commanded Lt. Col. Vindman from 2012 to 2014, had a distinctly different viewpoint of Vindman than your FOX News Medal of Honor sergeants. From the Military Times:
  • It really doesn't matter what we or other people think about Vindman. A boss fires employees. No amount of emotions or opinions can change a boss' prerogative. Let not emotions over-ride your good sense and the law. Otherwise, you risk taking the law into your own hands, like Jerry Nadler, who said that the courts take too much time and charged Trump for obstruction of congress, for deferring his executive privilege to the courts.
  • Boss fires employee for good reasons, Trump did not have any of that so yeah! Trump is abusing the power of the president's office again.
  • His security clearance got taken away. According to my cousin who is in the Navy, if that happens you will have it on your record for ever in the military and in the civilian world. It will mean on thing. Vindman can't be trusted with sensitive information. Good luck finding a Job in the civilian world Vindman. The only people who will hire him are MSNBC, NYT and CNN.

    He's f**ked. The Army will kick him out in a few months.
  • Do you have any proof that his security clearance was revoked, or are you just blowing ganja smoke out of your ass, idiot? And who the fuck is your cousin, and what rank does he hold in the Navy? Swabbee?
  • Visafree, do you even work? People get fired every day, for things that they did or didn't do, and sometimes, for no reason at all. At times, employees won’t even get a notice before their termination. And occasionally, firings happen seemingly out of the blue, with no sign that the employer is planning to let employees go. Job security is mostly a thing of the past. The average employee tenure hovers around four years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Very few workers will retire having worked for the same employer for most of their careers. It seems anything that Trump does is an abuse of power to you. But Trump drains the deep state swamp because his supporters elected him to do so. The swamp must continue to be drained of leakers like Vindman.
  • The tough part of Vindman's removal was his twin. His brother, Lt. Col Yevgeny Vindman, too was removed from his assignment as a lawyer at the National Security Council. The US Government can't risk national security due to a leaker or his brother, regardless if the brother took no part in the leaking. Sad but true.
  • You are right that bosses can fire workers, Zero, but you are as wrong as you can be about Vindman, and you need to be called out as a liar.

    You state: "The swamp must continue to be drained of leakers like Vindman." Yet you provide no evidence or proof that Vindman ever leaked anything to anyone. You and your Nazi friends just throw that shit out without proof in the hope that people will ultimately tire of it and believe you. The FACTS demonstrate something else.

    Vindman listened to the call between the Liar-in-Chief and Zelensky BECAUSE THAT WAS HIS JOB! As he ultimately testified before the House Committee on Intelligence (something you are sorely lacking in), he was disturbed by the call and did what his chain of command required -- he reported his concerns to his superior, the lawyer for the National Security Council. No leaks yet, Nazi.

    On or about September 8 or 9, 2019, it was publicly reported that a Whistleblower had filed a complaint with the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community regarding, among other things, the call between the Nazi-in-Chief and Zelensky. It has never been argued, stated, or otherwise proven that Vindman was the Whistleblower, and public reporting apparently proves otherwise. No leaking so far, asshole.

    The Department of Justice, under AG Barr, refused to provide the Whistleblower complaint to the Intelligence Committee, which it was REQUIRED BY LAW DO DO!. As a result of the unlawful actions of AG Barr and the DoJ, the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, as he was REQUIRED BY LAW TO DO, notified the House Committee on Intelligence of the existence of the Whistleblower complaint, which the IG had found to be "credible and urgent". Still no leaking by Vindman, you piece of sh*t!

    After the Whistleblower complaint became public knowledge, but before Vindman's name had surfaced publicly (no leaking yet, schmuck), THE WHITE HOUSE PUBLICLY RELEASED THE ONLY KNOWN TRANSCRIPT OF THE CALL, WHICH HAD BEEN PLACED ON A SECRET SERVER. The Nazi-in-Chief himself LEAKED THE CONTENTS OF THE PHONE CALL!!!!!!

    In its investigation, the House Committee on Intelligence learned that Vindman had been one of those on the NSC, among others, including a representative from VP Pence, who had PURSUANT TO HIS JOB listened in on the phone call between the Fascist-in-Chief and Zelensky.

    The House Committee on Intelligence issued a CONGRESSIONAL SUBPOENA to Vindman, AMONG OTHERS, to appear and testify before the Committee regarding his knowledge of the phone call.

    You brand him a leaker because he obeyed a Congressional Subpoena for Testimony. What a bunch of shit. He did what his Oath required of him. His Oath to obey the Constitution did not require him to remain silent, but rather to respond to the legally issued subpoena for testimony.

    Those are the facts. You and your fascist, White Supremacist Nazi asshole friends can say what you want, but the TRUTH is that Vindman was and is an honorable member of the Armed Forces, a PATRIOT, who did what the law required of him. Go fuck yourselves, all of you.
  • There are crucial principles called separation of powers and executive privilege which you, leaker Vindman and the unhinged Democrats fail to consider. As a result of your Trump Derangement Syndrome, national security was compromised to a point where there were missiles attacks and a siege of a US embassy by an emboldened enemy. You see my Top Gun wannabe friend, enemies tend to attack when you are most vulnerable. And Trump seemed vulnerable because his presidency was under threat by the impeachment launched by unhinged democrats and their spoils system in the deep state and mainstream media. They went as far as to expose secret deliberation between US diplomats and its foreign partners.

    You spew a lot of hate like a little girl. Funny you said you fought in Vietnam yet you can't recognize a commie, fascist or nazi if it stared at you in the mirror. What did you do in the airforce? lol.
  • Many Obama appointees losing their secret clearance. Good Trump. 70 swamp rats got kicked out the Whitehouse.

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    Divide the Democrats from the socialists and then conquer them again in 2020.

    That's the entire plan you dope. And it's working.

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