Democrat Jussie Smollett Has Been Indicted By A Federal Grand Jury!!!

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Justice for Jussie at last. This Democrat has been indicted and charged by a federal grand jury in Chicago for making fake news that he was attacked by White Trump supporters. It turned out this Democrat paid 2 black Nigerian men to attack him and then he said white people attacked him.

We are seeing Democrats in the US and in this forum spreading this kind of hate and micsem versions of Jussie smollett are @FactsMatter @SaremChuuk both of whom condemned this so called racist attack against their fellow Democrat Jussie. It turned out all 3 were all lying.

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  • Democrat racism and hate will be brought to justice because good always triumphs over evil in the end.
  • Racism is a platform used by Trump and the white nationalist party. who you fooling in here? shame on you eh coconut z? get a life!
  • Who keeps talking about skin color in this forum? Well,you and your fellow leftists here call Trump "orange", like KKK hate those with black skin color and BLM hate those with white skin color. Republicans, which is the political party founded by Abraham Lincoln, do not discriminate by skin color. We judge people by their character rather than by their skin color. So you see? You and your party are the racists.
  • They embrace division of its race religion or income. Democrats love to divide people. Its a play out of the Communist manifesto.
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