GOP open inquiry on whistleblower and connections to Democrats

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The GOP in the house and and Senate will investigate how a former obama official kick started the failed impeachment!

More to come folks.


  • This may be true. I seem to recall neo-Nazi Senator Lindsay Graham making such a statement. None of us can use our minds to investigate this inflammatory NEWS because of course Raper provides no source for his NEWS!

    Notice also that he says " the GOP in the house and and Senate" will conduct this "investigation". The Senate may conduct an investigation, because McConnell won't let them vote on any of the 275 bi-partisan bills the House of Representatives has sent over in the past 12 months. But you have my word on it, no such investigation will take place in the House of Representatives unless the Fascists win back the House. When might that happen? WHEN PIGS FLY! lol
  • I suspected this when Rand Paul's question was suppressed by Chief Justice John Roberts at the Impeachment trial.

  • Do you have any idea why the Chief Justice of the United States refused to read the Nazi Senator’s question — twice? Not a hard question. Try your best to answer it and I will grade your answer. OK, Nazi?
  • Sure, Marxist. Because the Obama operatives Rand Paul was referring to included the whistle blower whose name is protected by the government by law and by media and social media by democrat bias. Exposing the whistle blower's identity will render the impeachment to a hoax. OK, Marxist?
  • Geez, Zero, you were almost exactly right up through “protected ... by law.” The Chief Justice, whose principal function is to ensure the laws and the Constitution of the United States are followed and carried out. In his role as Chief Justice it would have been a violation of his oath to break the US federal law that protects the absolute anonymity of whistleblowers.

    Unfortunately, everything after that was nothing more than Nazi bullshit propaganda, so I have to give you a C-.

    You can get extra credit, though,
    If you can say why Libertarian Senator
    Paul still read the name of the whistleblower in public. Remember, keep your answer to facts. More fascist bullshit will only result in a lower grade, and embarrass the crap out of you. Oh, I forgot, you can’t be embarrassed. You’re a Nazi.
  • Nazis are socialist, like you. Hehe
  • No answer to the extra credit question, huh socialist (you said Nazis are socialists — ergo you must be a socialist, Nazi)? I have to give you an F — for Fucked up.

    The correct answer is the Speech and Debate Clause of the US Constitution. I get an A+!
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