Democrat supporter before killing conservative: Someone had to do it!

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2 days ago a Democrat used his vehicle to run over a dozen conservatives who were peacefully protesting. This Democrat ran over these people and critically injured a few of them. And when police apprehended this Democrat. He said: Someone had to run OVER conservatives and kill them to stop Trump.

This is the liberal Democrat socialist party in its true form @SaremChuuk is also advocating for this same idea in this forum.


  • Reaper is a LIAR! Say it over and over again. Reaper is a LIAR! Because he is. All in the name of power over your minds.

    First, notice that he provides NO SOURCE for his news. The news he alerts you to is that a supporter of Democrats ran over a dozen conservatives AND KILLED ONE OF THEM!. Two days ago!

    Go ahead. Google "man arrested for running over protesters". The only articles that appear are two to three years old, about James Alex Fields, Jr., the White Nationalist protester who ran over an killed Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, VA at the "Unite the Right" protest in 2017 or 2018. Go ahead if you don't believe me, Google it yourselves.

    Try another phrase, such as "man uses vehicle to run over protesters". Same result. James Alex Fields, who killed Heather Heyer at the "Unite the Right" rally of fascists in Charlottesville, VA.

    Google "someone had to do it". You get English language lessons.

    Reaper declares in big bold letters that a Democrat killed a conservative because "Someone had to do it," and of course provides no source so you are stuck with his lies and cannot use your own mind to analyze the information provided in the source(s) and reach your own conclusion about the veracity of the statements. This is the principal reason why, five months ago, Gallup published a poll indicating only 41% of Americans trust the media!

  • As far as I can tell, Raper was talking about a man named Gregory Timm, who drove his truck into a Republican voter registration tent. Nobody was killed. Nobody was injured. Timm apparently said he did it because he didn't like Trump. Neither do I, but I wouldn't damage my car proving it.
  • Democrats spew hate like Nazis. Nazis are socialists.
  • Nazi's are fascists, and you are a fool. Kiss my wazoo, bite my kazoo. Got anything else to offer, excuse for a human?
  • As you can see @SaremChuuk is making up excuses for this socialist terrorist attack. Its ok he says cuz nobody died.

    I'm a liberal at heart but a conservative in mind and philosophy. How can we have a middle ground when this kind of violence is condoned by those who preach from the pulpit of liberalism?
  • You mean like Der Fuhrer condoned the "Unite the Right" violence in Charlottesville by White Supremacists who killed Heather Heyer by saying there are good people on both sides?

    You will not find above any "excuses" for a "socialist terrorist attack." I merely pointed out that the Raper is a liar and a bullshitter. It was Raper, after all, who in the headline to this thread that a Democratic supporter KILLED A CONSERVATIVE. I merely pointed out that he was lying, and apparently lying on purpose, because all available news articles make no mention of any deaths, and to the contrary point out apparently unanimously that there were NO INJURIES and NO DEATHS!

    Lying by mistake is one thing. Wilful, purposeful lying is intended to mislead and disinform. Raper is a purposeful, wilful, liar. Just pointing that out.

    Maybe the White Nationalist Raper can point out exactly where in either of my three posts above where I "condoned" this attack that resulted in no injuries and no deaths. I'm waiting, Nazi.
  • Every GOP condemned that unite the right movement. While Democrats like yourself don't condemn violence coming out from your side. Its ok as you say because no one got killed.

    What utter BS. @SaremChuuk, we already know you are ok with Socialists Democrats committing terrorist attacks.
  • This socialist. Killing and attacking those who disagree with you verbally or like in this act running them over with a car and as Sarem said. This kind of left wing socialists attack is ok.
  • Which socialists did I say killed or ran over people who disagreed with him/her? Unless you have a source that says different, Timm ran over an empty TENT. Might have broken a tent pole, I guess. A real terrorist act, running over a tent like that!

    But I guess James Alex Fields, Jr. is a real patriot for killing Heather Heyer with his car, and seriously injuring numerous others. Get your killings right, Raper.
  • Making excuses for a socialist terrorist attack.

    This is what liberalism means to Sarem. Its ok to kill other whose politics are different than yours.
  • What terrorist attack are you talking about, Raper? Who got killed, Raper? Besides Heather Heyer at the hands of the White Nationalist James Alex Fields, that is. Who, Raper? Sources, Raper?
  • If this is your vision of a socialist utopia where opponents of socialism are run over by cars and its ok bcuz none was killed well i don't want any part of it Sarem. You can keep that in CommorFornia and only in Commiefornia.
  • What opponents of socialism were run over by cars, Ganjasmoker? Do you have any source which demonstrates factually that anyone who opposes socialism was run over by a car? The only factual source in this entire thread was posted by me, and all it says is that a tent was run over, and nobody was injured or killed. I put the facts in, idiot, and all you do is make shit up. Verbal Diahrrea!

    Not a word from any of you fascist White Supremacists condemning the slaughter of Heather Heyer by James Alex Fields, Jr. in Charlottesville, VA during the "Unite the Right" rally. NOT A WORD OF CONDEMNATION for the murder of that innocent young woman, and the injuries to countless others by your White Nationalist brother who took to his car to commit slaughter of innocent protesters.

    But you are up in arms against the socialist utopians because one guy ran over a tent. Poor tent.

    Stay in Saipan, Ganja smoker. Stay in Saipan and plot your next gun smuggling adventure with the gun smuggler. What a pathetic excuse for a human.
  • This is socialism. These tactics used by SOCIALISTS in America were used by SOCIALISTS in Nazi Germany to silence those who have different opinions than socialists. @SaremChuuk is advocating for this. No condemnation of the socialists terrorist but making up excuses.

    Man arrested after allegedly driving van into GOP registration tent
    A man has been arrested after allegedly deliberately driving a van into a tent full of Trump supporters who were working to register new voters at a shopping center parking lot.

    The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon in the Kernan Village Shopping Center in eastern Jacksonville, Florida, when a man, later identified by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office as 27-year-old Gregory Timm, allegedly drove a van through a tent where people were working to register voters. The driver narrowly missed several people in the tent and fled the scene after the incident by car.
  • Not even children's are safe from socialits.

    Man Arrested for slapping a 15 year old boy who was wearing a MAGA hat
    A New Hampshire mother says her son is “traumatized” after a man apparently “triggered” by the 15-year-old’s “Make America Great Again” hat slapped him across the face at a polling site earlier this week.

    Patrick Bradley, 34, of Windham, is charged with three counts of simple assault and disorderly conduct for allegedly slapping the teen and assaulting two other adults who tried to intervene at Windham High School, the Windham Police Department said.

    It's ok right sarem? No one got killed?
  • Regarding the attack on the tent, Raper's news article states "The driver narrowly missed several people in the tent". Excellent driving. Too bad Raper's hero James Alex Fields, Jr. was not as good a driver. Instead of missing Heather Heyer, Fields apparently willfully killed her. Any sadness at her death, Raper? Any condemnation of the White Nationalists for their tactics? I thought not.

    Regarding the Washington Times report of a man slapping a child, I would have charged him as well. He should have slapped the child's mother. I'm sure the child is traumatized, as I would be if I got slapped for wearing a MAGA hat. He should sue for $100 million.

    And who the fuck are "socialits," Raper? And where did you learn such poor English anyway? "Not even children's are safe"? Children's what? Shouldn't it read "Not even children are safe"? You get an F. lol
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    You are a Socialist. I call it like i see it. The man who attacked those conservative is a socialist Bernie supporter or should i say Democratic socialist supporter.

    Its ok right @SaremChuuk for socialists to attack and carry out terrorist attack on conservatives so long as no one is killed right?

    You sir are not liberal you are a Socialist.
  • ICE detention-center attacker killed by police was an avowed anarchist and antifa member
    A man fatally shot by police Saturday after allegedly throwing “firebombs” at an immigration detention center in Washington state was an anarchist who claimed association with antifascists — known as antifa — according to new details released by police.

    Detectives are reviewing a manifesto written and distributed by 69-year-old Willem Van Spronsen, who police said once belonged to the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club, a self-proclaimed “anti-fascist, anti-racist, pro-worker organization.” Officers were not aware of the manifesto before the attack on the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, police said in a statement Thursday.

    Democratic Socialism at its best.
  • Still no condemnation of the killer James Alex Fields, Jr. As far as I can tell, when asked to condemn a terrorist attack like that, and refusing over and over again to provide such condemnation, Raper must be in full agreement with the tactics and actions of the White Nationalist and terrorist James Alex Fields, Jr. Absence of condemnation of such terrorist attacks amounts to approval. Plain and simple.
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    Trump condemned him when he carried out that attack. While you Democrats are making up excuses for yours.

    Let James die in Prison for all i care. He is not part of our movement to make America great again.

    While you @sarem is ok with this. Shame if this is what SOCIALISM is all about.
  • Sarem like this kind of terrorist attacks against conservatives. He is a true socialist.
  • The problem, Raper, is that you and your leader Der Fuhrer Drumpf have no shame. And what the fuck is a true socialist? Is a Nazi a true socialist? Are Norwegians, who fought the Nazis, true socialists? Are Democratic Socialists the same as Nazis, and where do the fucking fascists fit in anyway? Who fought the fascists, and why?
  • The Nazis and Soviets and Chinese are socialists. How thick you are in the head? Nazis were socialists.

    Which party in the US is trying to enact the same laws the Nazi' socialists did?

  • I’m not so thick in the head that I choose to believe a MADMAN when he claims to be a socialist, rather than to believe the economists and political scientists, all of whom use as their prime example of a fascist leader the German Fuhrer Hitler. Those who believe that Hitler was a Socialist are members of the cult of the alt-right who need to justify their own White Nationalism by falsely linking Hitler to socialism, and from there to their opposition, the Democratic Party.

    Speak of mind control? Talk to the leader of the White Nationalist cult in the United States, Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf.
  • In the video below, pay close attention to the Nazi's "Guaranteed Equal Income" system. The Nazis raised taxes up to 70% to pay for their socialist programs, which included subsidized income, housing, food stamps, free heating fuel, and subsidized child assistance. The Nazis economic programs really sounds like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren's economic plan.

  • Hitler was a Socialist. His claim has more truth to it than you @SaremChuuk, he himself admitted it. The right wing of socialism.

  • Hitler was a MADMAN, and you are an idiot. Hitler proved the former beyond question, and you have proven the latter.
  • He was a Socialist. No matter how you deny it iss the truth. That madman himself admitted it.
  • Whatever you say, idiot.
  • @SaremChuuk, i maybe a idiot but I'm not in denial.

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