Democrat Poll: 87% of Americans don't trust the Democrat mainstream media

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Only 13 % of Americans trust the media. We know who these 13% are! They are the minority. And this minority want us to believe what the other 87% distrust.

In simple term. Only 13% of Americans believe what the Democrat party say.


  • And 100% of the readers of this forum know for a certainty that Reaper is a liar. Read the poll if you don't believe me.

    First, the poll says 41% of Americans trust the media either "a great deal" or "a fair amount." So 41 percent trust the media at least "a fair amount."

    69% of Democrats and 36% of Independents trust the media today. Only 15% of Republicans trust the media. Not bad for an institution which has been under attack from the fascists like Reaper since before Der Fuhrer took office. If you attacked Jesus as often and as virulently as the fascists have attacked the media, they would find Him and crucify Him again.

    The poll concludes:

    Recent Gallup data showed that Republicans' trust in most specific news sources in recent years has stagnated or declined, while Democrats' has risen. Fox News is the only national news source with majority-level trust from Republicans while majorities of Democrats trust six national news sources. Likewise, data from last year's Gallup/Knight Foundation surveys found similar results and also found that Republicans were much more likely than Democrats to perceive bias, inaccuracy and misinformation in newspapers, on television and on radio.

    It appears that Republicans are a much more untrustworthy group of people than Democrats or independents, and the reason is that they are lied to over and over and over and over again by the only source of news they trust, FOX News, which hammers into their poorly educated brains (according to Der Fuhrer, I LOVE the poorly educated) that they shouldn't trust anyone but the Fuhrer.

    Lack of trust in our institutions is not good, and our institutions at all levels are under attack. This is because fascists like Reaper, Zero, Anunaki, PawNStaR, and Marc willfully attempt to sew distrust in American institutions, to create chaos, and to destroy Democratic values so that they can obtain absolute power over the people. Fortunately, We the People will fight back, and we will win.

    Oh, and if you don't believe me, then why did the Nazi Raper throw a five month old poll at you and call it news?

    And read his last line over and over again:

    In simple term. Only 13% of Americans believe what the Democrat party say. Read it again: In simple term. Only 13% of Americans believe what the Democrat party say.

    He tells you that it is not the news media in general, including FOX News, that Americans distrust, but the Democratic party. Liar. All he knows how to do is to lie in pursue of power over your ability to think clearly. He is the worst enemy of small d democracy in a long time, as bad as the Nazi-in-Chief.
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