Attorney General Barr: Trump's tweets make it "impossible for me to do my job.”

WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General William Barr publicly swiped at President Donald Trump on Thursday, declaring the president’s tweets about Justice Department prosecutors and open cases “make it impossible for me to do my job.”

Barr made the comment during an interview with ABC News just days after his Justice Department overruled its own prosecutors — who had recommended in a court filing that Trump’s longtime ally and confidant Roger Stone be sentenced to 7 to 9 years in prison — and took the extraordinary step of lowering the amount of prison time it would seek. The department didn’t offer an amended number.

Barr himself has been under fire for the reversal. Still, it was a highly unusual move for a member of the Cabinet to criticize the president — especially a Trump loyalist who shares the the president’s views on expansive executive powers. Thursday’s comment served as a defense of his own integrity — an effort to salvage his own reputation and that of the Department of Justice by publicly rebuking the president he’s propped up from Day One of his tenure.

The remarks, made so quickly after the decision to back away from the sentencing, suggested Barr was aware the reversal had chipped away at the department’s historic reputation for independence from political sway. But he stopped short of acknowledging wrongdoing by anyone.

Barr joined a roster of high level aides who have publicly criticized Trump, though the rest left the job first.

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton is to publish a book next month detailing his time in the White House including criticism of Trump actions such as his decision to withhold military assistance while seeking a political favor from Ukraine.

Former Chief of Staff John Kelly, who has largely kept a low profile since leaving the White House, has grown more open about his unflattering assessments of the president.


  • Barr has a point. It's hard to enforce laws if a case is politicized like the left tends to do. On the other hand, if Trump does not say his point of view on twitter, the democrats and their mainstream pundits will crucify his administration with all their spins and lies. I feel sorry for Barr and anyone who works for Trump, since their jobs are made more difficult. The Democrats constantly bombard them with false accusations on mainstream media. But Trump will not be bullied by the Left. He will continue to tweet.
  • go fuck yourself. eh z, you are full of shit! fucken asshole you are eh?.. these fuckers are playing innocent when they know they guilty as fuck! AG Barr quickly run to news media saying, Trumps tweet make it hard to do his job, while freaken Mitch saying Trump should listen to , I mean who are they trying to fool? that faggot Lindsay says if he see trumps doing something wrong, he be the first to call it out? guess what? Fuck you Lindsay, your one lying son of a bitch! yeah right! go fuck yourself
  • Mainstream media must have over-loaded your little libtarded brain. You can't say a clear message with out spewing profanity. What is wrong with you? Can't you speak like a normal person? Perhaps you should try analyzing non-billionaires and non-lawyers, for your health sake. Try critiquing someone in your caliber, e.g. a democrat activist.
  • message is clear.. you and you lying son of a bitches can go fuck yourself. and not exposing your foolishness!
  • since when did you get to determine who lied and who didn't with out due process? For all we know, your sources are from fake news.
  • you said the case is politicalized? by who ? would have the decency to elaborate on what your little brain is tell you?.
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    The case is being politicized by politicians (Democrats and Trump..that's what they do), activists, and mainstream media. Now imagine if a case our attorney general is working on is constantly being criticized publicly by the news reporters, the politicians, activists and social media public, with various sorts of emotions and accusations that reflect different ideologies. The Attorney General's job will be much more difficult. That's all I'm say when you came out slinging. Being unhinged is not Micronesian unless you are a girl, in which case you can throw fits. Otherwise, drink some sakau, chew a betelnut or something. Just be cool.
  • for you the involve the democrats when it clear the president is the only one attacking the due process, you are the one who is politicalized the case with your baseless accusations, the real problem is, Trump is abusing the power of office by weigh in on this case and for you to say its the other party's wrong doing, i mean come, are you out of your mind or what? btw, the entire planet see this as a lie how can you not see ? are you blind and dumb or what?

    I 've watch some islander on you tube who have truned white by supporting Trump saying they are white, and they a brown I mean what their problem? are they worry Trump will deport them from the country or what? you sounds like this kind m,an and if you really are one of them, shame on you! we Micronesian are luick we have our own home wher Trump can not deport us from.. lets not even kids ourself. Im a proud micronesian and I stan up for what is right! unlike Trump and you or any other puppets of his who rather bow to this evil man
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    My friend, I really don't care about people's skin color. I judge people by their character, unlike Bloomberg who enforced the "stop and frisk" policy that profiled criminal suspects based on their color. No my friend, I analyze people by their merit and Attorney General William Barr is an all around professional. He is no ambulance chasing lawyer. The guy has served the government from the CIA to Department of Justice for many years. He also has done corporate legal work for some of the biggest corporations in the nation.

    Now tell me who is misinforming you about brown people wanting to be white people? Let's look into their backgrounds so we can know why they are saying such things.
  • z claims to, "...judge people by their character, unlike Bloomberg who enforced the "stop and frisk" policy..."

    I agree with you, my friend, that we should " look into their backgrounds so we can know why they are saying such things."

    Bloomberg has publicly apologized for enforcing that policy when he was mayor.

    Donald Trump publicly supports the stop-and-frisk policy and has NOT apologized for doing so.

    On OCTOBER 9, 2018, Trump gave a speech to the nation’s police chiefs in which he defended stop-and-frisk policies that have been ruled unconstitutional and rejected by communities in numerous cities.

    President Donald Trump’s racism is so baked into expectations, he is actually getting away with calling other candidates racist for policies that he himself has long championed.

    Will you be fair and consistent and join me in condemning that policy no matter who supports it....whether Democrat or Republican?

  • Der Fuhrer and Fascist-in-Chief has also refused to apologize for his actions regarding the Central Park 5, who were teenagers in 1989 when a female jogger was brutally raped and beaten in Central Park. The five boys were arrested, and after significant hours of interrogation without the right to counsel, confessed, because they were told they could go home if they just confessed.

    After trial, they were convicted and sentenced to years, up to life, in jail. Only years later did the actual rapist confess, and his DNA proved that he was guilty, and the five boys were proven innocent.

    Trump, then a real estate developer, ran a full page ad in four major city newspapers, including the New York Times, calling for reinstatement of the death penalty and implying that the boys should be executed for their crimes.

    In 2018, he was asked whether he still stood by his call for execution of these innocent men, and he responded that there were people "on both sides," and that they had confessed. By that time, it was clear that the confessions had been coerced. As pointed out above, they were interrogated for hours without even being able to call a lawyer or their parents.

    As it turns out, these five teenagers were just 4 black and 1 latino teenagers in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yet Der Fuhrer doubled down on his prior opinions. No apology.
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