Keeping America Great & Micronesia safe: Trump wins GOP nomination for 2020 election

President Donald J TRUMP has been confirmed as the GOP Presidential nominee for running in 2020.

Its the Teflon Don aka two scoops 2 genders & 2 terms vs Sleepy joe.



  • The United States of America must heal the wounds of injustice it has inflicted upon Micronesia and its people!

    The United States made
    promises to the people of Micronesia, and nearly a century later, those promises still remain empty today.

    Although the United States has
    attempted to right its wrongs towards Micronesia by attempting to fulfill
    existing duties pursuant to the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands and the
    Compact of Free Association (COFA),
    it has not done enough.

    The United States States has failed to promote Micronesian self-sufficiency and independence
    – restricting the establishment of an independent self-governing island
  • The US will always be a better choice than China or communism.
  • ⬆ you can say that again
  • U got my vote sir (President Trump).
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