Why all of a sudden I get this message, " Your comment will appear after it is approved" when I try to post ?

Who the heck gave you the authority to suppress my posts which are profane-free or without any offensive or vulgar words?

So now, you're like Facebook or the other media - approving or posting only the postings you like or believe in?

Whoever you are, the Micsem Admin, provide me an explanation for censoring or suppressing my posts?

What's the matter?

Afraid of the truth, or can't stand other world point of views or you're simply a ignorant son-of-a-bitch who doesn't believe in Freedom of Speech or Expression


  • Not taking sides on this one but puzzled by two statements:

    " posts which are profane-free or without any offensive or vulgar words?"

    "'re simply a ignorant son-of-a-bitch ..."

  • Not taking sides either, AC. But it may be important, and at least informative, for you to know that the Constitutional right of free speech simply does not apply to this forum. It only applies to government, but not to private businesses. As a privately owned and operated forum, free speech simply does not apply to MicSem. They can censor anyone they damned please, for whatever reason they choose.
  • FactsMatter, my friend I'm referring to my earlier posts which have no offensive words....I just used that "son-of-a-bitch" wording because they or he or she intentionally censored my posts without any warning or notice....
    Micsem Admin, if you're Pohnpeian, "Pieninomw"!

    Sarem Chuuk, Kose mochen kopwe asarama non mekuran ekei feineer repwe weweiti what's freedom of speech or expression and more importantly what US had done to the whole fucking world.....Sarem, if what you said is true, then it contradicts the original purpose of why Micsem was set up in the first discuss important island issues....Clearly, Micsem is now just another piece of shitty forum
  • I wish I understood Chuukese so I could reply to that part of your post. That said, it is true, as recently reaffirmed by the US Supreme Court, that the right of free speech exists only against interference by the government. The Supreme Court held as to YouTube, and by extension Google and Facebook and other tech platforms, such as this forum, that they were not bound by the First Amendment, and could censor content. Sorry.
  • For the record, it is my understanding that this forum has no connection with the Micronesian Seminar, aka MicSem.

    Micronesia Forum started after the MicSem forum closed down.
  • Really? Ok, so will you please share with us the identity of the owners of this forum and their background, their mission or goal for setting up this forum?

    Are they Americans or Micronesians?
  • Great questions, AC. Unfortunately the answers are secret.

    Best I can determine, the Jesuits either gave or sold the Forum to persons unknown in 2010-2012. Not sure the exact year, but it was about the same time that the Seminar moved the library to Xavier HS.

    The new owners registered the domain through, and through an entity owned by GoDaddy registered as an LLC. The entity guarantees the privacy of the new owners (for a nice annual fee I would presume).

    So the domain is owned by an LLC the owners of which are kept secret by which sells the domain.

    Got that?
  • Why you guys want to protest outside their houses. I can give you guys my address in Ponape but be warned don't pull that antifa kind of shit in ponape because plenty room to go missing there in ponape.

  • What are you even talking about, Gun Smuggler? Who is talking about protesting outside anybody's house? Maybe you should give us your father's address in Pohnpei, so he and you can bring your guns outside and shoot peaceful people. What a piece of shit. Smuggling guns into Pohnpei. You were probably the guy who smuggled the shotguns into Yap to help kill the Acting AG.
  • Sarem, thank you for the info...that explains why they censored my posts - they intentionally censored my posts to suppress any information that might reveal at least some truth if not the truth about certain world issues like the Coronavirus
  • @SaremChuuk, never had any business dealing in yap and never step foot in yap in my life.

    Don't pull that antifa shit in micronesia. Don't dox the operator's of this forum by giving out their addresses. Plenty of jungle in ponape to get missing in girls. Plenty!

  • I wouldn’t attract the attention of the Administrator, Gun Smuggler. He might learn you smuggle weapons into the FSM, and decide to turn you over to the US Attorney in Guam. Better you go back to your jungle and eat spiders.
  • Micro Forum administrator either died or forgot his password. Otherwise, since about 6 people took over this site some three to four years ago, it's been like Golding's "Lord of the Flies" except the chaos is not by children.
  • The Forum Administrator has neither died nor forgotten his password. He lives in Hawai'i and as far as I know still visits Pohnpei as part of his employment. I have his email address but cannot publish it in here because the Forum restricts publication of email addresses in threads. Even if I could publish it, I wouldn't, because if I did I would surely be prevented from posting. I have communicated with him about the seizure of this Forum by the Trumpists, but he does not respond. I can only conclude he is afraid of me, although for the life of me I can't understand why that would be so. I am such a nice fellow.

    The only way I know of reaching him would be through Father Hezel. Father Hezel has nothing to do with the Forum since it was either sold or given to the current secret owners, but he is in contact with the Administrator, and can actually get responses as far as I can tell. Father Hezel has a blog called "Where's Fran," which is very apropos as far as I can tell. WHERE'S FRAN, AND WHY HAS HE ABANDONED US?
  • Father Francis X. Hezel, SJ now lives on Guam.

    He no longer manages the Micronesian Seminar. Nor does he manage the Micronesia Forum.

    While he is well over 80-years old now, he still actively ministers to both Catholics and non-Catholics living on Guam, including many FSM citizens.

    He has not "abandoned" anyone, despite his advanced age.

    No one should fault him if he decides at some point to retire from active ministry.

    He has been a model of service to Micronesia and Micronesians since he first came to Xavier High School, Chuuk, in 1963.
  • I hope he still gets out to play basketball from time to time, although I must assume that activity has been restricted by this virus. And please excuse my hyperbole. I know he is not actively involved in his ministry. But he must know how the past three and a half years have affected this Forum. My only point was that even at his age, and maybe because of it, he could have some influence on the younger generations who presumably own and who moderate this Forum. After all, he built it, just as he built the Micronesia Seminar. One would think he would have some interest in his past work, and would want to see it preserved as it was intended. Not as a mouthpiece for the Trumpists. I would also like to presume that he would love to hear from Micronesians, just as a way to stay in contact in this very stressful time.
  • Thanks for mentioning Fr. Fran's blog, Sarem.

    I just read his reflection on the COVID-19 quarantine on Guam. I recommend it to everyone:

  • @SaremChuuk, be kind to others. You are borderline toxin users in here. I know you want to drag anyone and everyone who disagree with you to the guillotine pit but don't and i please warn you not to do that. You are setting a precedent that even we can't reverse.

    Its enough that you are telling anti colonialist the location of where the admin(s) of this forum is located at in Hawaii but this is the red line!

    And i will say it only once pls don't cross it. Your sins will follow your bloodline if you keep it up! You are being warned!

    Breath in and out! Slowly and cool your mind!
  • I didn't notice this post when you first made it, Gun Smuggler. Are you threatening me? Do you plan to bring one of your guns and kill me? I am in Northern California. Find me and come on. Don't threaten me or I will send the file I have been holding on you to the FSM AG and the United States Attorney General in Guam. As I understand it they don't like gun smugglers. Especially those who seek to intimidate witnesses.
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    @saram chuuk.... So your name is Saram chuuk but you don’t understanding Chuukese? I’m puzzled... so this forum is just collecting Micronesian data to see how well they know.
    Now it seems like you got some American high rollers connect. I don’t think we are that interested anymore,(caution) I think we want to know what our own leaders are thinking at this moments. are they going to think of an alternative way to rescue their people or depend on this government to feed us more BS vaccine & 5G radiation or better yet injection digital certification.
  • Ifai Taxi oh mi juwen noum ?
  • @SaremChuuk, be kind to others. That is what I'm saying. Take it however u want to take it.

    @ifana, Sarem is a haoli
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    We got to come together more then ever rn. They want us to fight argue with each other more then ever rn. To get into their programs rn We need to unite one pacific islanders more than ever rn.
  • Stop paying attention to there’re puppets there’re politics programs & separate get us our own & stop depending on them. Tesla once said all the secrets is in nature. We have our resource a lot more than we think we don’t need money anymore if we do it would only be to help us set up our resources that’s it but we need to be separated or fight!
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