Washington Post: Communist China using Propaganda to Blame US for Wuhan Virus

According to the socialists leaning Washington Post, communist china has been using its state media to blame the west and the US in general for the china virus or wuhan virus. And sad to say its working. We had @FactsMatter and @AntiColonialist spewing the same chinese propaganda in here.

Washington post: China’s coronavirus propaganda campaign is putting lives at risk
March 18, 2020 at 6:00 AM EDT
The Chinese authorities are engaged in a full-scale effort to rewrite the history of the coronavirus epidemic. Some in the West might be tempted to dismiss the significance of Beijing’s propaganda efforts. But they shouldn’t. The ever-expanding campaign to obscure the truth about the origins and details of the virus is risking lives.

On Tuesday, during a State Department news conference, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized the Chinese Communist Party for hiding information and spreading false narratives about the coronavirus. He also criticized Beijing for its decision to expel all U.S. journalists from The Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal:

"The disinformation campaign that they are waging is designed to shift responsibility,” he said. “Now is not the time for recrimination. Now is the time to solve this global pandemic and work to take down risks to Americans and people all across the world.”

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