I recommend @FactsMatter to the list of users who need permission before they post!

I would like to give a standing ovation to the admin who revoked @AntiColonialist privilege of posting things in here. AntiC was was flooding this forum with propaganda from both Russia and China.

It would be best if factsmatter is added to that list. This user like AntiC have been flooding this forum with pro russia and Chinese propaganda.

Free speech is fine but when pro socialists use our freedoms to push communist propaganda that's when we need to draw a line.

Stalin a socialist communist said: we are going to hang democracy in front of everyone and it will be people who live in Democratic society who give us this rope to hang democracy in the public square.


  • Better that you just keep your own mouth shut.
  • @rastaman, freedom of speech goes both ways. Yes what FM is doing is scary because he is spreading Chinese communist government propaganda but that does not mean we should take away his right to post. He can learn from his mistakes and i think he know he has been spreading communist propaganda. Its a lesson learn but if he continues to spread chinese government propaganda then the administrators must proof read what he is posting and if what he posts are fake chinese propaganda then limit his posts.

    Be safe guys and watch out for that chinese virus.
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