BREAKING NEWS: Democrats Block Coronavirus Bill That Provides Lifeline To Economy, Families

Democrats blocked it!!! And they are saying corona virus or wuhan or China virus is a national emergency but today Democrats in the Senate have blocked this bill from being singed by Trump into law.

People are dying in the US and Democrats have now stop Trump and GOP from helping Americans.

All because Trump is the President who will sign it into law. Block Coronavirus Bill That Provides Lifeline To Economy, Familiesk-42bc69ff ts-say-they-re-not-yet-ready-sign-coronavirus-n1166021


  • What a shame. Instead of working with the president to solve this they are fighting the president.

    Thanks Democrats
  • The problem is with Republicans trying to bail out the big corporates without oversight and democrats want the bill to help the working people not the CEO's of the big corporates. lets not come up with a one sided story the bill.
  • Another BS from Visa. Keep repeating what MSNBC and CNN say. Lol

    Didn't Obama bailout Corporations in 2009? 800 billion went to the banks and Wall Street and 30 billion went to big car manufacturers in the US.

    Obama gives 800 billion dollars to companies and banks when the economy slowed down 2008.

    We love this hypocrisy coming from Democrats. They had no problem giving close to 1 trillion dollars to cooperate America in 09 but its not ok now.

  • which are the facts, the democrats are thinking about the working people, and the republicans are thinking only about their rich dorner.. thats the different you dont want to admit. shaem on you Reaper! BS!
  • Visa, you are beyond saving. You my friend don't need rescuing from the Democrat plantation. You like being controlled by the Democrats.

    If Democrats cared about the American people they would have passed this rescue package. Not only to help Americans but our economy here in Micronesia and the US. Close to 5 million dollars were slated to to distributed to the COFA states to help buy medical supplies in Palau-FSM & RMI and prepare the COFA states if they get hit with this chinese virus.

    Here is what the Democrats blocked when they decided to play with the feelings of the American people and playing with destroying the US economy.
    $1,200-PP, $2,400-Couple, $500-Child
    $250 Billion-Unemployment Insurance
    $350 B-Small Business Loan Program
    $100 B-Hospitals
    $11 B-Vaccines
    $4.5 B-CDC
    $20 B-Veterans Healthcare
    $12 B-K12 Education
    $5 B-FEMA
    $10 B-Airports

    @visafree, 250 billoom would have went to those so called workers you democ rats supposedly cared about. 350 billion to small businesses. 100 billion to hospitals across the US and its territories. 11 billion for vaccines and medication. 20 billion for Veteran healthcare. 12 billion for public schools all across the US and its territories.

  • @SaremChuuk, @IronYouth @FactsMatter @visafree check this out!

    CNN Poll: Majority of Americans confident Trump Administration can stop nationwide epidemic

    Lol. Is CNN not reliable and are the people at CNN who conducted this poll not educated and racist too? Oh my to tell.

  • Not even close, Pawnstar, nice try, but you either have no clue or just shame old twisting the facts. here is what you missed by the whole nine yards.. ta is democrats version of the bill! and republican version?. there is no need to bail out the airlines and the big corporates after years of raking in big profits.. what the nation needs is to help the people who are out of work and most important make PPE and testing kits for the health system.. simple concept hard to produce now a days in this stupid administration
  • Stop watching the media, they have been paid to spread this lies...
  • True information that shows in real life, words coming out of Trump's own mouth, all the lies and misleading statements after statement. its unbeliveably insane!//. thanks to the news media for infroming the world. keep on, keep on!!
  • When facts hit socialists they even turn on CNN.

  • They blocked the bill until they got what they wanted in it, and blocked what they didn't want in it, and made Mitch McConnell choke on his lobbyists' bill. Then they put together a bipartisan bill which could attract majorities in both Houses of Congress and it will be voted on today.

    Then Anunaki will get his socialist hand out!
  • deal has finally reach in senate and democrats are rallying while republicans are worry about money going out to public..darn it! them republicans are animals.
  • @SaremChuuk, what did Democrats get? Lol its the same exact bill that the GOP agreed upon a week ago.

    You guys got played again. If you want Socialism win the Senate, the house and the Whitehouse. Don't play that partisan shit and try to pull a quick one on us by trying to sneak in some bs we don't need.

  • How can it be socialism when its my own tax money?

  • edited March 2020
    @SaremChuuk, this is the exact same bill Democrats filibuster the last 3 days.

    Funny thing is this thing was their own idea in the first place. They thought Mitch wouldn't have floor it in the Senate and rush it to the president to sign. And when the GOP Senate fast track it, Democrats were shocked! They thought Republicans wouldn't pass it i. The Senate. So when the house bill got approved by the GOP Senate democrats from both the Senate & the house derail it so they can add some green new deal and socialists provision to it (They didn't get no green provision added or socialist provisions added either).

    @SaremChuuk, its called the Republican stimulus package by Pelosi herself.


  • How would you know what is in this bill, which apparently is not even finished yet? You only have one source of information, FOX News. That and your anus. You wouldn’t recognize the truth it it slapped you silly.

    You have a talent for fiction. You must work for FOX News. Oh, wait a minute. You don’t actually work. You just puke lies.

    Go puke on the Gun Smuggler.

    Make America Gag Again.
  • Anunaki:

    It is clear from your question (How can it be socialism when its my own tax money?) that you don't really understand socialism, and you also don't have a very good understanding of the economy, and the source of the money that will be used by the Government to pay you the $1,200 you are salivating over. The short answer to your question is that when the government gives you a gift, it is socialism. As Raper, and the Gun Smuggler, and the DOPEHEAD to explain how social security, and medicare, and medicaid, food stamps, and government subsidies to oil companies are all socialist programs. They are so much better at it than I am.

    But the other part of your question (its my own tax money) is much easier to answer. It isn't your own tax money. No part of the $2 trillion the Congress is arguing over comes from anybody's taxes. The $150 billion for medical services, the $500 billion bail out for the airlines and other large corporations, none of it comes from taxes. (BTW, as I understand it American Airlines pays no federal taxes, and yet will get a big, big, helping hand from the government in this bill -- socialism!)

    Before the three bills recently passed, or to be passed, by the Congress to fund the Coronavirus response, the Federal Government Deficit (calculated as revenues - expenditures, where expenditures exceed revenues) for FY 2020 (10/01/2019 - 09/30/2020) will be +/- $1.083 trillion. That means that by July, all of the revenues of the Federal Government for this FY will be fully spent, including your tax dollars. All revenues, spent before the end of the FY. Thus the Federal Government will be in debt for this FY.

    For FY 2019, the deficit was actually $984 billion (almost a trillion dollars); for FY 2018 the deficit was actually 779 billion. All of these deficits of course increased the national debt. For FY 2018, the national debt was $21.516 trillion; for FY 2019 the national debt was $22.776 trillion, an increase of $1.26 trillion; and for FY 2020, the national debt was estimated to be $24.057 trillion, an increase of $1.28 trillion over FY 2019, before Congress decided to spend another $2 trillion + on the Coronavirus crisis, which will, together with interest on the $2 trillion +), be added to the national debt for FY 2020.

    If we have been running all these annual deficits, then where the fuck does the money come from? Why the same place your auto loan comes from. You borrow money to buy a car, the federal government borrows money to pay its bills when expenditures exceed revenues. TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of borrowed money. And we just agreed (We the People) to borrow in excess of another TWO TRILLION DOLLARS (so far), in part so that we can pay each of us $1,200, and so we can bail out airlines that pay no taxes, and multinational hotel corporations, and all the other private entities who benefit from the largess of the federal government.

    How, you may ask, will we pay this back? Why, we won't. Simple. When one loan comes due (a thirty year government bond, for example), we simply issue another promise to pay in return for someone lending us the money to pay of the bond that came due. Simple. Biggest ponzi scheme known to man. All based on the "full faith and credit clause, Article 4, Section 1 of the US Constitution. So long as lenders believe that we will repay our debts, they will lend to us. When they stop believing us, well....

    Until, of course, the lenders decide that we are not offering enough interest on our debt, and demand more for their loans. Then the shit hits the fan.

    Got that?

    Make America Gag Again.
  • I hope our friends read your in-depth comment, SC.

    But I doubt that they will. It is more than one paragraph long. lol

  • I don't think any of them have the patience to read anything but headlines (furrowed brows). lmfao

    Make America Gag Again.
  • Why th fuk I’m I th only one limited to write? I can’t even share this links!
  • Anyways I want y’all smarty pants to explain to me this new bill of corona they coming out with. Since u guys know how to read this stuff plus who gets to control & power?
  • The most disputed part of the new legislation (which has yet to pass the House of Representatives) was the $500 billion fund which is to be controlled by Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin, and is to be used as a loan fund to medium and large businesses. As originally written, Mnuchin's control was virtually unlimited, and there would be no oversight, or any power to overrule Mnuchin's decisions. It would also have given Mnuchin the power to overrule the part of the bill the Democrats wanted in there the most. That would have prevented corporations which received funds from Mnuchin from using those funds to buy back stock, or pay large salaries and bonuses to executives. In the 2008-2010 crisis, multinational banks got huge amounts of money in bailouts, and used a lot of that money to buy back stock, raising the stock price to the benefit of their shareholders, and for salary increases and bonuses for their highest paid executives. At the same time they laid off regular workers right and left, prolonging the recovery and permanently injuring the workforce. By using the bailout funds in this way, the banks actually increased the number of mortgages that went into default, causing people to lose their houses and allowing speculators to buy up those foreclosed properties and then rent them out to people who had lost their homes.

    The Democrats did not want to repeat this horror story. What they wanted, and what they got, was a provision in the bill that prevented Mnuchin from permitting the funds he loaned to corporations to be used for buying back stock. They also wanted, and got, a provision in the bill which prevented corporations from using the loans from Mnuchin for executive raises. Regarding transparency of the loans, and control over how the funds were used, the Democrats wanted, and got, a Special Inspector General to oversee the entire process, with subpoena power. And they got a Congressional Commission to oversee the distribution of the funds. They got other stuff too, but they wanted, and got, significantly greater control over this $500 billion loan fund, which the Republicans wanted to use to benefit their rich stockholder friends.

    The Democrats also got significantly greater unemployment benefits, including an additional $600 per month on top of state unemployment benefits, for a period of four months. And a fund of $150 billion to be used for the benefit of the states who are bearing the burden of this disease. They got benefits for the airline workers, and other stuff I can't remember.

    The Democrats held out, refused to budge, and for the most part, won the battle for the American workers.
  • The Democrats caved in. When people started Democrats on twitter for stopping the GOP rescue bill it took DEMOCRATS 7 hours to give up and vote to pass on the GOP rescue bill.

    On behalf of micronesians and every savage in Oceania i would like to thank you President Trump and the GOP for sticking with the fight and you guys never gave up.

  • Whatever you want, DOPEHEAD. Go smoke some more Ganja, and believe what ever you want. Don't even try to provide proof of what you say. Just regurgitate the bullshit you hear on FOX News, and the Daily Caller, and Rush Limbaugh, and Breitbart.

    What you cannot do, because nobody has given you the right to do so, is to speak on behalf of any Micronesians other than your sad-ass self. Even if you want to call your relatives savages, you don't have the right.

    BTW, your sad ass cult leader can't read, and has no idea this Forum exists, so any thanks you might want to send his way are lost on the waves of the Western Pacific. LMFAO

    Make America GAG Again.
  • @SaremChuuk, you were praising the Democrats 2 days ago for blocking this in the Senate. can't fool us. You can fool people sometimes and sometimes you can fool people but you can't fool people all the time.

    The 1st vote that democrats blocked
    NYT:Democrats block corona virus stimulus package
    This is the 2nd vote Democrats blocked it in the Senate
    From the New York Times: Democrats Again Block Action on Coronavirus Stimulus bill

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