For 2nd Time Democrats block $2 trillion coronavirus rescue bill


This is how it went down in simple terms

Democrats during corona virus outbreak: The American people and the economy are suffering and we need to pass a stimulus package! Trump must step up and sign this bill!

GOP Senate: Challenge accepted! Let's bailout the economy and give money to the American people and while were at it lets save our economy from collapsing!

Democrats now: This does not look good if we pass it it will give Trump and the GOP a boost and it will make the GOP win back the house and keep their majority in the Senate and it will help Trump get reelected so lets let the economy collapse and the American people suffer!

GOP&TRUMP: What about the economy and helping the American people?

Democrats: Screw the American people and the economy!

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  • I would rather see the US economy collapse than see Trump get reelected.
  • If trump get reelected we are screwed. Let it burn so that orange baboon don't get elected again.
  • Unbelievable. Wow.
  • Ever think of a career in fiction writing, Raper? You seem to have a real talent for making shit up.

    Make America Gag Again.
  • @SaremChuuk, the way i put it up there is the exact way it happened. And guess what are Democrats doing? Dems areTrying to put provision to this corona virus aid bill that would enforce their green new deal plan which failed to get voted into law by Democrats last year.

    How the fuck do you like that. They can't get their SOCIALISTS bills to pass in the US Congress so what Democrats do? They sneak provision from the Green new deal to be put into this rescue package along with the a nationwide 15 dollar minimum wage and also trying to sneak in their carbon emission plan on this bill too!

    @SaremChuuk or @FactsMatter, what do the green new deal has to do with FIGHTING CORONA virus? What does 15 dollars an hour have to do with preventing and fighting corona virus? What does board diversity in the work place has to do with helping Americans and fight corona?

    And in the Democrats own version of a rescue bill they want 300 million to go to the Kennedy's school of art!!!! Another 100 million to the liberal leaning NPR.

    What the fuck are your leadership in your party doing? Seriously they want planes to use less fossil fuels and they put it in their own version of a rescue package.

    Democrats are trying to pass socialism under own eyes disguised in their own 1,400 page rescue plan. They planned this all along. Its called a bait and switch. Trying to pass the green new deal and their 15hrs minimum wage and their union agendas all while pretending to care for the American people.

    You guys will regret this decision this coming November. Americans by the majority are outraged about Democrats blocking the GOP rescue package.

    Thanks to Pelosi and Schumer you party is set to loose the house.

  • @IronYouth, if the US economy collapse the economies in Guam, Saipan, Palau, FSM and RMI will also collapse. Truth be told if America's economy collapse so will economies all over this planet.
  • @SaremChuuk, @IronYouth @FactsMatter @visafree check this out!

    CNN Poll: Majority of Americans confident Trump Administration can stop nationwide epidemic

    Lol. Is CNN not reliable and are the people at CNN who conducted this poll not educated and racist too? Oh my to tell.

  • I agree, this virus is simple of God very angry because more and more people like Reaper and Pawnstar are to stupid to cheer on the devil on earth and, his followers are the stupid white nationalist and people like Reaper and Pawnstar1
  • Visa you are one silly little socialist
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