It is better for the US economy to collapse than see another 4 years of Trump as President

We can't afford another 4 years of this circus show and the clown who is in the Whitehouse. Democrats must stall this corona virus aid bill from being send to Trump for signing. If this goes to Trump and he signs it he will be reelected. If this get approved i fear the house will be taken over by the racists Republicans.

It is safer for America and the world and the climate if the US economy collapse than see Trump get reelected 8 months from now. America can survive this economic collapse but it can't survive another 4 more years of Trump.


  • Damn you are one sick individual if you wish this to happen.
  • He speak what is on the mind of every Trump hater in America. Its not surprising. We know this from the get go. I would like to give him some props. At least he is honest unlike @FactsMatter and @SaremChuuk. Ironyouth is speaking what every socialists whisper in their darkest of dreams.

    @IronYouth you are a socialist slash anarchist. That's what antifa is. Antifa like Sarem said are the good guys. If he considers antifa good then he must also think hitler was also good.

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