Corona Scam

Let me speculate and let y’all do the research.
This Corona is a flat out scam a satanic rituals.
5G radiations switched on the Chinese...
They put fear to the people to slow down protest against the government & to inject digital certification


  • Covid19 isn't associated with religion,politics,nor economic wars.Cmon now use critical thinking.More fellow humans are dying as others are expected to contract the sickness.It definitely isn't a scam.
  • Do your research I don’t have time to explain.
    Jus know their locking us down for control &power depopulation the elite has already made a deal with all government this agenda is not something new. We don’t need vaccines
  • Take care of yourself, Ifana, and do your best to keep a safe distance. COVID-19 doesn’t care at all whether you are paranoid, or believe the elite are conspiring against us. It is a non-discriminatory disease.
  • Lockdown is a satanic ritual
  • They putting fear in people to lock them in so they b no protest to their agenda...which depopulation... they spraying something on the STREETS
  • 5G is in construction 24/7
    Vaccines is coming soon
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