Economies all over the world going up As GOP coronavirus rescue bill near completion

Democrats lets remember were preaching us doom and gloom and told us the sky is falling. Trump and the GOP however said this is not the end, the sky is not falling and America should give up before America fight this unviable enemy. The Democrats persisted that the world is ending and their friends in the media took their cue and started the fear mongering.

With this fear mongering coming from Democrats and the mainstream media and some of our socialist friends in here the economy slipped a little bit down and a few hundred thousand jobs lost.

All this time the GOP and Trump worked hard and they said there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are not giving up. And folks thanks to the GOP and Trump, markets around the globe are picking up again with the news that the GOP and Trump rescue legislation that will bump close to 2 trillion dollars into the economy and fight coronavirus world stocks and economies and market from Asia, Europe and the US continent all rose.

This is what it means to be a conservative. Never give up until you have exhausted all your options.

From the New York time today: Markets across Asia and Europe were mostly higher on Wednesday as investors cheered a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package to shore up the American economy.

The positive mood looked likely to carry over onto Wall Street as trading in futures indicated a strong opening for stocks there as well.


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