It looks like the Republican corona virus bill + rescue package will be passed today

Democrats like they did for the last 3 years have yet again folded to the Republicans and Trump and most importantly Democrats have bowed to the will of the American people.

No green new deal in the stimulus package, no funding to the green new deal. Democrats folded because public opinion was against them when they voted against this legislation.

Thank you Trump and the Mitch for sticking to the plan and for holding Democrats accountable.


  • When is the vote?
  • They are having the last round of debate right now and i believe the vote will happen around 12 to 1pm Washington D.C TIME.
  • Anunaki appears to be wetting his pants in anticipation! Can't wait until his free government money gets in the mail. I hope they find her house. I guess socialism is really bad unless it comes in the form of a check to the fascists.

    Oh, and BTW DOPEHEAD, the bill they will vote on will be the Democratic bill. The Democrats refused to sign on until all of the stuff they wanted was in the bill, and a specific provision denying any federal funds to the president and his family and businesses, and a Special Inspector General was installed with subpoena power to oversee the grants to public corporations, and increased unemployment benefits, and $150 billion to hospitals, and other Democratic stuff too numerous to mention was all included, and Mitch McConnell was forced to gag on the bill he had his lobbyists wrote. Oh, and when we finally see the bill, it will probably include the provision regarding pollution reduction requirements on the airlines, and the right for the government to buy older more polluting aircraft!

  • Its now known has the Trump/GOP rescue package @SaremChuuk. Democrats refused to vote to pass it. And yes Lindsay Graham said yesterday Democrats will cave in to public opinion and 18 hours later Democrats did.

    Your party caved in in again.

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