Is anyone taking this Vaccines when it’s release?

Mr Nobody y don’t u test it out for us first, then let us know your experience in a week or two.


  • There is no vaccine yet for COVID-19.

    If in the future, a vaccine is developed and approved by the WHO, CDC, and FDA, I plan to receive it....if I am still alive, that is.
  • Are you in the US? If so then I feel your first in line.
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    I feel It’s already there just making more and more of them to supply all the sheeps. Mhaaaa!

    Facts is right there isn't a suitable vaccine yet to put an end to covid19.It will take months or a lot longer.Here in California things aren't looking too great.My university advised every student to stay indoors.My housemates and I have already bunkered down.All prepped to endure the madness.
  • Despite how differently we both view things.I will say this in the name of humanity.Get yourself alongside friends and family prepared at all costs.

    You're crazy individual.Yet still one of us.Be safe! Take care!
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