Where the Federal Government Fails to Act, Thank God for the Private Sector Geniuses

One of the greatest shortages in the medical industry today, given the needs of the Coronavirus crisis, is ventilators. These devices operate to assist victims with breathing, by way of a tube stuck into the lungs of the victim, and are the most important life saving medical equipment needed by hospitals in their treatment of the critically ill. This is not to diminish the need for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for doctors, nurses, interns, Emergency Medical Technicians and others who work directly with those stricken with the virus, but without ventilators, people in distress die. And the deaths are not pretty. They choke to death on the fluids that build up in their lungs as this disease progresses.

Enter Mr. Dyson, the vacuum cleaner billionaire. After receiving a phone call TEN DAYS AGO from Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Mr. Dyson set about to design, and build, a new ventilator. He says he can get the ventilator into production by next month. And apparently will be able to scale up production going forward.

I don't know how much of this is just hope, or whether he is right about his projections, but he did design a new type of vacuum cleaner a few years ago which revolutionized how we clean our carpets, so I wouldn't put it past him to design a better ventilator.

CNN published an article this AM. Read it here:



  • Applying to the FSM, do all the hospitals have ventilators? If not, they should give this as priority.
  • Thank to Trump passing the Defence production act that Trump used to order the private sector to give propriety to manufacture masks and the essential medical supplies.

    Thank you Mr. President for your optimism and positive attitude this entire time. You show the world that when America has a positive President who gives of positive vibes the US private and corporate sector moral is high and they are doing their part to help.

    @SaremChuuk, now you are praising the Corporations aka the private sector? Hahaha

    Don't you just love capitalism.
  • Thanks Trump for passing defense production act to speed up the manufacturing of medical supplies and telling the private sector to help out in anyway they can.

    A true leader Trump is unlike those white slave owners in the DEMOCRAT party.

  • You can't resist politicizing good news, can you you DOPEHEAD! Because I know you did not read the article about the genius who invented a new ventilator, let me fill you in, asshole. Mr. Dyson is BRITISH! He acted because of a call from the British Prime Minister, and NOT because Your Fuhrer invoked the Defense Production Act and then REFUSED TO USE IT! I even wrote in the post that Dyson acted at the request of Boris Johnson, but you were so eager to praise your Leader On High and Most Imperial Majesty Der Fuhrer Drumpf that you didn't even bother to try to figure out what was in the words right before your eyes. NEVER MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO POLITICIZE.

    Make America GAG Again.
  • In case you haven't noticed, during your daily ritual genuflection before your statute of your cult leader the Fascist-in-Chief, the Democrats and the Republicans in the Senate passed the $2.5 trillion "stimulus" bill ON WEDNESDAY, UNANIMOUSLY. All Democrats and all Republicans who could vote (four are quarantined due to the virus) voted UNANIMOUSLY to pass the damned bill. NOBODY blocked it. The Democrats delayed it until it was fairer to assholes like you. What a schmuck.

    Make America GAG again.
  • BTW, shithead, your video is a fucking week old.


    Make America GAG Again.
  • @SaremChuuk, you are polarizing this since it the news of this chinese disease hit the US just like your leaders in youre party did with the border, daca, and now this stimulus package.

    Yes Democrats voted yes on Monday but monday and Tuesday they voted no. Because they wanted to add some green news deal and socialists ba to the bill.

    They lost.

    The GOP Senate voted yes 2 times refused to vote yes 2 times. Only when Trump put them on the spotlight in front of national t.v did the Democrats bowed.

    You guys easily give up whenever public opinion turn against you and it did on the last 2 votes. Thats why you guys voted yes on Wednesday.

  • The story on the link you posted at the very top of this discussion @SaremChuuk is misleading. It's about The UK or Britain not the US. Trying to make it like it's about the us when its a bout a country in Europe. You are learning well from the Chinese.

    Oh yeaj this is the title of this ARTICLE: James Dyson designed a new ventilator in 10 days. He's making 15,000 for the pandemic fight

    Its not related to Trump but somehow your lackey factsmatter think it is.

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