23 Sailors Test Positive on Aircraft Carrier Bound for Guam

I haven't read this story all the way through, but apparently 23 sailors among the crew of 5,000 on a US aircraft carrier have tested positive for the Coronavirus. The entire crew is being tested.

The aircraft carrier is headed for Guam.



  • The Commander-in-Chief has it all under control....or not.

  • After the USS Theodore Roosevelt anchored off Guam, and after its Captain, Cpt. Crozier was fired, and then recommended for reinstatement, and after more than 800 of its crew of +/- 5,000 sailors had tested positive for the coronavirus, apparently it is making news again.

    It was reported today, May 16, 2020, that eight sailors, who had previously tested positive for the virus, have now tested positive for the virus once again. These 8 previously tested positive and were taken off the ship to quarantine. After testing negative for the virus twice, they were cleared to return to the ship. Now, apparently, after having tested negative for the virus twice, they have been retested and have tested positive for the virus. They join 5 other sailors who have also tested positive after having previously contracted the disease, and been cleared of it, and tested negative, just like the most recent 8 sailors.

    Thirteen sailors test positive, and are removed from the ship into quarantine. After quarantine, and after testing negative twice, they are returned to the ship where they once again test positive for the virus. Apparently, contracting the disease does not always confer immunity on those who have fully recovered. Those who recover are still apparently susceptible to contracting the disease again.

  • How can this be?!

    The Trickster-in-Chief assured us that the pandemic is over.

    And we know that Trump never lies, of course. lol
  • No surprise at all imageimage
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