Twenty Nine Days Ago,....

On February 26, 2020, twenty nine days ago, president Trump said the following:

The clip does not contain his statement that the fifteen cases he refers to will soon fall "to zero".

Today, US cases exceed 74,000, and deaths in the US from COVID-19 are reported to have exceeded 1,000.

Make America Gag Again.


  • According to Johns Hopkins Global COVID-19 Survey data and the data collection website, the United States now has the most COVID-19 recorded cases in the world. Since my previous post in this thread, about four or five hours ago, the US has reported an additional 8,000+/- cases. US reported cases, according to these two data surveys, now exceed 82,000. As of 6:20 PM EDT, 03/26/2020. Exceeding the total number of reported cases in China and in Italy.
  • Meanwhile, Trump assured everyone today that it is all under control.

    If its under Trump's control, it is now officially the Trump Virus.
  • Trump's approval rating is up. Must be doing something right.
  • Historically, people want to trust their leader during a time of least for awhile.

    But if the crisis gets worse instead of better, the tide usually turns against a failed leader.
  • well said factsmatter image
  • We are tried of winning. Now Trump is being blamed for a disease that started in China in 2017 and China tried to keep it the dark. But despite Trump being blamed by China and the liberal media Trump is coming on top and the situation is well in hand.

    Trump has done a marvelous job of fighting combating this disease. Don't believe me Gallup gives Trump a 60% approval by Americans on handling this and the WHO gives Trump a passing review.

    Tired of winning i a.m but i want some more

  • As COVID-19 continues to spread, there will be plenty more "winning."

    Maybe even enough for you, Rasta.
  • It's under control. The big boys are in the Whitehouse. It's a loss for us all when someone gets infected or die from this chinese virus. Its not winning. But for @FactsMatter is a win i know. It looks like you are hoping this gets out of hand and kill thousands of Americans.

    You ought to be ashamed of yourself for wishing death upon men women and children all to make Trump look bad.

  • As for winning i know Trump will get this under control. The US lead the world in medicine and innovation and the US is listed #1 in the World in preparedness to handle corona virus. .

  • Wrong again, Rasta.

    Like everyone else, I take this pandemic seriously and want it to end as soon as possible.

    Your hero Trump, on the other hand has been telling us for months that there is nothing to worry about.

    Even today, he still refuses to use his authority to provide basic medical equipment to those who need it. Meanwhile, people are dying in record numbers. Shame on him!

  • It is now about 1:30 PM EDT. The US number of reported cases of COVID-19 have exceeded 94,000 according to An increase of +/- 12,000 cases in the past 19 hours. Great job, Donnie. You are the greatest, Donnie. You have the US the best prepared country in the world solely because of your great work, Donnie. We all bow down to your greatness Donnie. Keep up the good work. We are making records daily. No doubt by tomorrow, we will be the world leader still, with over 100,000 active cases! How many deaths, Donnie? You said thirty days ago there were only 15 cases and no deaths. What a great leader. From 15 cases to 94,000 cases in only thirty days! Nobody else could have done it, Donnie. You are the GREATEST, the GOAT! In thirty days we went from 15 cases to 94,000. How many deaths, Donnie? From ZERO deaths, you took us to 1,429 as I write. ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY-NINE from ZERO in thirty days! What a great leader. Nobody could have been so successful running up the death count as you, Donnie! You are the Greatest killer of innocent people known to man. A real MASS KILLER!

    We are the most prepared nation on earth. Prepared to be the host of the most cases, and because of our cult leader's efforts, prepared to see deaths and new cases increase exponentially. Cheer him on DOPEHEAD! He is the Greatest!

    Make America GAG Again.

  • You like to look at the pictures, don't you Raper? You probably like to look at pictures of little girls, huh Raper?
  • Another pretty picture? Who is the ugly baboon in the top photo, anyway? Is that your Great Leader?

    BTW, picture-licker, in the past hour and fifteen minutes or so, the number of reported Coronavirus cases in the US is up to 96,968, and the number of reported deaths from COVID-19 is up to 1,477. That is an increase of almost 3,000 cases and 48 actual deaths in the past 75 minutes. That must really make you happy. Are you happy, picture-licker?

    Make America GAG Again.
  • @SaremChuuk, this is under control. The GOP coronavirus and economic rescue bill passed 45 minutes ago.

    America is well in hand.

  • Sarem, we know you wanted more killed and the economy to collapse. Not going to happen with Trump on the watch. Swift and decisive! Banned China travel 2 months ago and DEMOCRATS say it was bad and racist.

    thank god Trump stopped travel to China 2 months ago. Will DEMOCRATS give Trump credit for saving the US?
  • In the last hour, US recorded cases have risen to 98,968, and deaths have risen by 41 to 1,518. Almost 2,000 more cases in the last hour. And 41 additional deaths. At this rate we will be over 100,000 cases by the end of the day.

    Great job, Donnie.

    Make America GAG again.
  • At 1:15 PM EDT, I checked the website to see what the number of reported cases and reported deaths were for COVID-19. It is just about 21.5 hours since my last post on these numbers just above this post. At the time of my last posting, the numbers were 98,968 reported cases, and 1518 reported deaths from COVID-19.

    Now, at 1:15 PM EDT, just about 21.5 hours later, the number of reported cases has increased to 112,560, and the number of reported deaths has increased to 1,878. That is an increase of 13,592 reported cases and 360 reported deaths from COVID-19 in less than 24 hours.

    This is truly frightening. Especially when New York State, the current epicenter of the US epidemic, is saying that the peak in that state, and in the largest US city, may not occur for two to three weeks.

    Stay safe. And stay a good distance away from other people.
  • India's population is eight times larger than America's population. So India is taking extreme measures to slow the pandemic.

  • US Coronavirus deaths now exceed 2,000. The number of deaths has doubled in the past two days (since Thursday, US time). Scroll down a little for the report.
  • @SaremChuuk, sorry 2000 is not a million. I know you want this Chinese disease to kill millions of Americans.
  • You don't know crap, DOPEHEAD. A slug has more intelligence.

    Make America GAG Again. Keep America GAGGING.
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