World Health Organization Praise Trump Administration pandemic response: Trump is doing 'all he can'

Published March-25-2020

CNBC:The World Health Organization praised the Trump administration's response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

WHO Director:v Trump has mobilized the US Federal government at every level to fight covid-19. The US President's response and that of the US Government is decisive and his "Trump" kind of leadership is needed throughout the world. The US government response and quickness of its response to the CORONA virus epidemic is the quickest in the world"
Quote from The Director of WHO (World Health Organization)

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus singled out President Donald Trump for doing a "great job" in leveraging public and private sector resources to fight the pandemic.

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  • This moron is playing politic in his statement, maybe worry Trump will turn against his people and close the door from them coming to America.. Shame he holds that high office

  • Outstanding job Mr. President.
  • You can say that again Anunaki. ..

  • Apparently, the Director-General of WHO will praise anyone.

    Unsurprisingly, China also has enablers abroad helping to whitewash Beijing’s culpability. World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus refused for months to declare a pandemic, and instead thanked China for “making us safer,” a comment straight out of an Orwell novel. This is the same WHO that has refused to allow Taiwan membership, due undoubtedly to Beijing’s influence over the WHO’s purse strings.

    Maybe if Raper and DOPEHEAD had listened to the video Raper posted where the Director-General praised the Great Leader Drumpf, and then re-read the above quote posted by the DOPE in another thread, they would have had a better understanding of the Director-General's effusive praise of the Great Leader. The answer is in the last sentence of the article the DOPE linked to and quoted above:

    This is the same WHO that has refused to allow Taiwan membership, due undoubtedly to Beijing’s influence over the WHO’s purse strings.

    If you listen to the Director-General's remarks, you will notice that he first came out with his effusive praise after he had a phone call with the Great Leader Drumpf. After that call, suddenly the Director-General praises the Great Leader. I can hear the Great Leader now:

    "We need you to do us a favor, though...." Remind anyone of the Great Leader's "perfect" phone call with Selynsky from Ukraine?

    Just as the Director-General praised China "due undoubtedly to Beijing's influence over the WHO's purse strings," can there be any doubt that the Director-General's praise of the Great Leader was "due undoubtedly to [the United States'] influence over the WHO's purse strings."? Trump says "I can cut off your funding. BTW, wouldn't you like to praise me?"

    Make America GAG Again.
  • @SaremChuuk, now the Who is racist right?

    OMG. You were praising them a few days ago because they disagree with Trump but now they agree and praise Trump you now distrust the WHO.

  • You are an idiot, Raper. Go fondle some elementary school children. BTW, I edited my post. And If you can find any place I praised the WHO "a few days ago," put the link in here. Otherwise, STFU.
  • @SaremChuuk, not only the who ranks the 1st as well prepared but other health organizations too.

  • @SaremChuuk, it looks like you will not be getting your wish of the US economic recession and your other wish of millions of Americans deaths from corona.

    The GOP rescue legislation has passed the house.

  • Hey, DOPE, do you ever even look at the pretty pictures you like to post? If you actually read the words in your pretty pictures, you would have noticed that this pretty picture is a snapshot of data gathered in 2019. This is 2020. Do you have any pretty picture which shows how prepared the US was for THIS pandemic, rather than a hypothetical pandemic?

    I thought not. Just another licker of pretty pictures.

    Make America GAG Again.
  • @SaremChuuk, you want to talk date? Lets talk date. The CORONA virus appeared in 2017. That ranking list the US has #1 in readiness to fight corona from a report in 2019. its up to date and factual you dumb fuck!

    Statista Report dated 2/28/2020- • Chart: The Countries Best And Worst Prepared For An Epidemic

    The US is ranked number 1. Numero uno!

    @SaremChuuk, so if the US is not ranked number 1 then who is? China?

  • @SaremChuuk, no go sleep you mudafaka. Answer my question.

    If the US does not lead in preparedness in handling CORONA virus who is? Can you name us who beside the US is rank 1?

  • Got any proof the COVID-19 Coronavirus appeared in 2017? I'm sure you do, because you never lie, right DOPEHEAD? So I will expect that you will put the proof in here, so everyone can learn something they didn't know. But don't provide bullshit. Actual proof will do. When pigs fly.

    BTW, if you could actually read the stuff you link to in here, you would discover that the Statista Report dated 2/28/2020 is based completely and solely on the data collected in 2019 and published in October 2019 in the Johns Hopkins Global Health Security index that you relied on above with your pretty picture.

    Answering your really stupid question, a review of the current data in the Johns Hopkins Global COVID-19 survey and the data would indicate that BOTH Japan and South Korea were a hell of a lot more prepared for THIS particular pandemic than the US ever was. Japan, a country of 100 million, has had 1,387 reported cases and 47 deaths, despite being significantly closer to the origin. South Korea had 9,332 reported cases at last report, and 139 deaths. Had we followed their example, when we learned of the virus in January, we would have at least forty or fifty thousand fewer cases, and probably a thousand fewer deaths. Look up the data yourself, idiot.

    Oh, and it is spelled, by literate people, "Motherfucker." "Mudafaka" is a word invented by juveniles who have not yet learned to spell.

    And don't order me around, or I will really get hurt. See, you made me cry. lol

    Make America GAG Again.
  • you sais it well. SC, it's obvious the WHO director is a puppet it's just sad these morons in here don't get it. BTW Rastaman, I knew alright who that low life is.. but like I said, he is a puppet to Trump and China whats more sad is him hold that high office.
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    Lol wakakkakaka
  • He really does all that he can do, seen that he has a kid's brain...imageimage
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    Oh gosh I’m so relieved I get to come Kurangantin in here with my brothers & sisters, and jus frikN laugh my ass when they pulling hairs around lol so who’s the Sadup and Who’s the Fineichi & Mwaneichi In here ? So I keep distance with my Sanitizers lol
    Y’all don’t get too serious on trump and his official y’all already know how it is in this white man world. We already have a feeling how this game goes so why arguing on someone’s table any longer I say we go build our own let god deal with them. Cuz I bet U guys r too chicken to sling shot 1 microwave tower plus u guys r wasting time & energy on this bs! Like the rest of the sheep...mahhhhh
  • Pull out your people FSM RN!!! Don’t get twisted locking them in that’s what they want they don’t want anyone escaping the grid aka the matrix. In their eyes we are salve we no human they want to rob us take our money & wealth & enslaved us! Wake up people !
  • @SaremChuuk, ok

    I know i smok weed but i do it recreationally. It don't mean I'm lost in the head like you Sarem.

    this was published in 2017, its from the World Health Organization
    World Health Organization › ...PDF
    WHO MERS-CoV Global Summary and Assessment of Risk - World Health Organization

    It's dated 2017!!!! And the virus on this report is now called COVID-2019
  • @SaremChuuk, mudafaka what do you have to say? Bitch you ain't got no credibility left so your answer must be straight.
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    China is # 1 that's all i can say. China is #1 in infected and deaths cases related to this but I'm told by people like Sarem and factsmatter that I'm wrong.

    If I'm wrong then the US and Europe and the WHO are also wrong while China is right
  • Lets be civil boys
  • At some point we conservatives must play by the same rules these socialists are playing with. Its either sink or swim and we can't afford to shy away.

    I'm a 57 year old white man. I was once a Democrat. I know how Factsmatter and SaremChuuk think. You Micronesians can't have peace with these kind of folks. Trust me i know. I was once a Democrat. Democrats think like if you are not with us Democrats then you are against us Democrats and therefore you and anyone who does not agree with us Democrats are racists and are uneducated.

    In my own opinion i believe that socialism will be the end Micronesia as a people or race.
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    Lets not play the same game they playing. We are better than these Democrats. We outnumber them in America or here in Micronesia. We've already won this fight.

    Trump is getting reelected.
  • Actually, DOPEHEAD, the article you link to is entitled Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV). You say it is the same as COVID-19, but you are flat out wrong. This report is about MERS, not COVID-19. They are two different viruses. If it were MERS, it would not be a novel coronavirus.

    That is unless you can prove that the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) is the same identical Coronavirus as COVID-19). Seeing as you are the scientific expert in this group, I am certain you can provide the proof likity-split. Oh, I meant to say lickety-picture. You like to lick pictures, don't you.

    Oh, and since I read the Report you linked to, I can save you some time. It makes no reference to any virus other than MERS-CoV. So if you are going to link these two Coronaviruses, you will have to use some different authority which makes reference to both, and makes the link you are so desperate to find that you wet your pants.

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  • Anunaki:

    You haven't got a clue about how I think. And I am pretty sure that FM would agree with me that you haven't got a clue about how s/he thinks. That is because you really can't think. At least not clearly.

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