Joe Biden is accused of sexually assault by a Women

This is the same mudafaka joe biden who said all women must be believed. Democrats are silent in this. The world didn't know about this but Elizabeth Warren was the one who reported it. Thanks Elizabeth.

This story came out weeks ago but the DEMOCRAT party and the mainstream media is keeping it in the dark. Because its ok for a Democrat to sexually assault women.


  • It is true that Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade. She says she was sexually assaulted by Biden in 1993.

    It does not appear from the story that Elizabeth Warren had anything to do with reporting it. I am sure DOPEHEAD will provide us proof of that statement in short order.

    The Biden campaign has denied the allegation. The media will no doubt seize on this story, as it is much more sensational than COVID-19.

    I will wait for proof. One way or the other.
  • @SaremChuuk, is it ok for sleepy joe to do this?

    The eye of the world is looking at you Democrats. Id Joe face Trump in 2020 well you Democrats will be seen as hypocrites in the eye of the the entire world.

  • Where are the liberal male feminists in here?
  • Of course it is OK for a woman to accuse a man, any man -- including Joe Biden, or Bill Clinton, or Donald (who raped his first wife, and had sexual affairs with other women while married to all of his wives, and paid off two women in order to keep them from spilling the beans on his affairs with them while his third wife was pregnant with his third son) Trump, of sexual assault. Any woman can accuse any man of sexual assault.

    Context is important, however, a concept that our fascist white nationalist Trumpists have a problem with. For instance, in the case of Bill Clinton, while there was sexual conduct, I don't think anyone, not even Monica Lewinski, accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment for conduct while he was president, as the Gun Smuggler does. Bill Clinton engaged in, as far as all history records, a fully consentual sexual affair. His mistake (some would say crime) was lying about it. Not even Monica Lewinski, the other participant, ever accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment. Leave that to the self-righteous, hypocritical Trumpists.

    In response to the Raper's question, I have already answered one interpretation of the question. Of course it is OK for a woman to accuse a man, any man, of sexual assault. Let me answer the question as posed as well. No, Raper, it is not OK for Joe Biden to sexually assault any woman. It is never OK for any man, RAPER, to sexually assault any woman.

    Let me ask you a question, now. Is it OK to assert without proof that Joe Biden sexually assaulted Tara Reade? Put another way, should we accept as true, without any proof, that Tara Reade is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth when she says that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her? You seem to believe her. Based solely on her statements about an incident she claims to have experience more than a quarter of a century ago (27 years from the alleged event in 1993). And despite the fact that she spoke previously about Biden harassing her, but conveniently left out any mention of a sexual assault until he was the prospective candidate for the Democratic party, and despite the fact that she is a Sanders supporter.

    You see, haters, it does depend on context. That is why I said, five posts above, that "I will wait for proof. One way or the other."

    Clearly, you self-righteous assholes don't believe in due process. You have convicted Vice President Biden on accusations without proof. Hypocrites. The current occupant of the oval office raped his first wife (according to her sworn testimony in a deposition), had sexual affairs with his second wife while married to his first wife, and with his third wife while married to his second wife, and with two other women while his third wife was pregnant with his third son, AND YOU APPLAUD HIM AS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. The greatest philanderer, maybe, but a crude, vulgar, scum of an excuse for a human. There is proof for that. No one disputes that, other than you liars who conveniently forget what scum Der Fuhrer is.

    I will wait for proof. One way or the other. Too bad you self-righteous hypocrites can't do so as well.
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