What is 5G?

What is 5G? How is it link to the corona virus?


  • I believe 5G refers to the fifth generation of cellular telephone technology. As far as I know it has no relation to the Coronavirus, except in the minds of conspiracy theorists and the paranoid.
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    Lol eie you believe sound like your one eyed is closed. 5th gen that’s it? go do more digging please open your microwave in your house maybe you could smell your popcorn in that machine. as far as you know huh, assumption sounds assuming assuming...can you please do some research. Would appreciate your mindset more.
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    Don’t google it cuz it’s BS I think try YouTube & IG...
  • Sorry. I thought you wanted an answer. Has I known that you were just shooting your mouth off to hear yourself babble, I would have refrained. I won’t make that mistake again. Babble on.
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    I apologize Kiroch, ok 5G what is it really?
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    That’s what I thought You don’t have a good answer 1. your lazy you don’t research the right clues you just copy & paste what they want you to see around the net. Kinda like most of you truthfully.
    2. You don’t really have an answer for 5G! Point kiroch period.
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