I can’t believe I’m saying this in 2020

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FSM needs a separation, this house is on fire we need to get out or we will burn, by God raft on America we don’t have much time if we choose to fight we need to burn 5G towers down or we & our people are cell fries. We will be monitored & enslaved we already are in half way in the progress (lockdown. This corona bs nothing but a hoax!
2. Vaccine! They are going to take our rights & freedoms away not jus us the whole race.
3. Now I’m not saying this virus is not real I do believe it was created in the lap by our rich hero’s who happens to care so so much about people like you and me.. however I do also think FEAR is part of the agenda and it’s working to their advantages. Corona Corona Corona y’all think gods immune nature in you is not strong enough to fight this cold influenza. So u wanna line up for the vaccine when it comes out. Go on just keep in mind those vaccines are never been tested to be safe it just gets approved & more people actually die from it. Cuz it’s big Big business for the rich.
Those stats & data you’ll b posting I don’t really see recovering why? Because those kinda data creates ease not fear and again like Kiroch said, Logical...


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