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    That should clear up the sky a pit ;)
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    For those who call me names call me what’s that lapel? Conspiracy theorist I have the right like everyone els to be Skeptic this days and that video is by a real doctor. Bro’s & sis pls watch it skip the middle if your lazy to watch it all go right to the end lets tackle this thing together. We are on this together! Don’t forget doesn’t matter if we argue we must fight this thought.

    Because I’m looking at those movies in the islands kids holding signs oh keep our island safe Gov pls lock & protect our island. It’s like telling Me you guys are doing exactly what this guys want you guys to do! Don’t join there’re programs this is there’re program we trying get out this matrix before it’s too late, for most of us.

    I hope you guys watch that understand this hoax & get us out of here before it’s too late!
    5G is here Vaccine on the way Military soon, and who knows what’s next!
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