Close the Barn Door, Donnie, the Horses are Loose

There is this farmer. We'll call him Donnie. He farms about 40 acres, and has a team of two horses, who pull his plow, and his furrowing machine, and all the stuff too heavy for him to pull himself. The horses are indispensable to his farming. Without them, he might as well shut down the farm.

So this one day, Donnie spends all day, from sun up to sun down, plowing his 40 acres behind his horses. When the sun goes down, and he can't plow anymore, he unhooks the horses from the plow, and puts them in the barn, and gives them some hay and horse feed, because they have really worked hard this day. And once he has taken care of the horses, he goes into his house, and sits down at the kitchen table to eat the dinner his wife has cooked for him.

Taking a fork full of food, he looks out the kitchen window, and lo and behold he sees his two wonderful horses, who surely know the difference between old hay and new grass, sprinting out into the field to enjoy the newly grown, green grass about a mile away.

Donnie exclaims "Good God, I'd better get out and close the barn doors! The horses are loose!"

You get the picture. Once the horses are loose, it is a little late to be closing the barn doors. Should have thought about that before you left the barn.

When I got up today, I saw a headline on the CNN website (I know, FAKE NEWS, but the same story exists on real news as well). The headline announced that the president is thinking of implementing an enforceable quarantine on the entire State of New York to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Think about it. Now think about it some more.

New York State is a big state (16th in total size in the US) and has a lot of other states, and one country on its borders. It is bordered on the South by New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It is bordered on the West and North by the sovereign nation of Canada, our dear friends to the North. It is bordered on the East by Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont. And a little further West (only a few miles of Interstate, actually) is Ohio.

Interstate highways link Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Pennsylvania to New York State. New Jersey is connected by not only Interstate highways, but at least two major tunnels and a really big bridge once called the Tappen Zee Bridge (I think they renamed it, but I am not sure) as well as the George Washington Bridge. Bridges also link New York City and New York State with Connecticut, and Massachusetts, and Vermont. You get the picture.

Now the president, desperate apparently to find some way out of this disease which is wreaking havoc with the economy (Wall Street, the center of Capitalism in America, is on the Southern tip of Manhattan, in New York City, which is in New York State), has come up with the idea to quarantine New York State so he can prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Now some facts. New Jersey, to the South, and outside the quarantine, has almost 11,000 active cases of COVID-19. Connecticut has more than 1,200 active cases. Pennsylvania has 2,700+ active cases. Massachusetts has a little more than 4,200 active cases. Vermont has just about 200 active cases. Canada has more than 5,000 active cases. All told, the states and country outside of the proposed quarantine have 24,300 +/- active cases of COVID-19, and that number will grow! That number is almost, but not quite, half of the number of active cases in New York State.

And this quarantine is proposed to be enforceable. By whom? What force of man is going to close all the Interstate highways, and non-interstate highways, and bridges, and tunnels, and waterways? That's right, he would have to find a way to close the exit of the Hudson River into the Atlantic Ocean. And he would have to close off Long Island Sound, which runs the length of Long Island with Connecticut to the North.

I hope you get the point. "Close the barn door, Donnie, the horses are loose!"

Could there be a more insane idea?

Oops, I just realized he has enlarged the quarantine zone to include parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. Won't they leak out into Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Canada, Donnie?



  • Donny was too busy golfing at Mar-a-Lago to worry about a hoax virus.

    Maybe he should visit India instead.
  • You libs lost this battle 1 day ago.

  • Wrong again, Rasta. The war against the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is not over, it is growing more intense.

    The U.S. continues to report more infected people than any other country in the world....125,000 and more than 2,000 deaths.

    Try to keep up with reality, instead of denying it like your Denier-in-Chief.
  • Trump and GOP passed this end of story.
  • Only in your closed mind, @Reaper, not in reality.

    What was the vote in the Senate? (Every Democrat and every Republican voted yes.)

    What was the vote in the House? (Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi passed the bill.)
  • edited March 29
    Lol @FactsMatter

    Nancy was the one who told democrats to vote no on this the first place. Lol

    Tell me im lying so i can prove you wrong.

    Don't make me embarrass you.
  • Okay, if you insist, @Reaper. You are lying again.

    Nancy Pelosi voted for the bill and urged every Democrat to vote for the bill.

    Try to catch up on the news, my friend. You will look less foolish.
  • @FactsMatter, you forced my hand.

    6 days ago
    Senate Democrats Again Block Coronavirus Stimulus Bill
    The final shape of the Senate’s bill to limit the economic fallout of the coronavirus remains in doubt as Democrats, for the second straight day, blocked passage of the aid package because they want to spend more.

    While President Donald Trump waited to sign some sort of “stimulus” bill into law, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed to include provisions of Democrats’ Green New Deal proposal as well as other wish-list items.
  • I write about the quarantine the Great Leader said he would impose on New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, DOPEHEAD babbles about losing this one, and suddenly you idiots are arguing about the virus relief bill. What about the quarantine?

    Oh, I remember. El Cultisimo said he was going to quarantine New York. Then he said he would quarantine parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Then, when he got uproarious, hysterical laughter from everyone for his really stupid idea, he said he would have the CDC issue "really strong" travel restrictions on the three state area, which the Governors of each state had already imposed without anybody's help.

    Then the CDC gave really strong travel restriction guidance, which was already in place.

    Now you idiots can go back to claiming the Republicans are the heroes.

    Make America GAG Again.
  • According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Great Cult Leader backed away from his quarantine idea after "intensive" talks at the White House on Saturday evening.
  • LOL @Reaper. You are a week late with your "news."

    Try to keep up. Pelosi and the House Democrats put the bill together, got it passed by the Senate, and signed by the Liar-in-Chief.

    Try to keep up.
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