FSM Close doors 03/29/20

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Open those gates & save your people’s
This Corona is not what they say it is
It’s a mouse money trap for the rich!
To keep & enslaved the people.
With 5G & Vaccines
New world order agenda so called
Event 202


  • can you say it in plain and simple English?
  • Idk anymore what to say I’m completely speechless atm
  • I guess just gonna go & get me some strong moon shine enjoy it while it last
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    What can we do or say ? conspiracy theorists but it shows truth. evidence shown it’s right in your face I’m about to be done with all this puppet show 24/7
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    Like the man said this people do not care anymore if the truth is out they technology has surpass. We are so dumb down to what’s going on. Yes this a bio weapon virus also to put fear in people. FSM government has closed the gates so we can’t run nowhere. Not even to our islands for safety.
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