Apparently the Great Leader Has Changed His Mind Again

It had been reported that the president would announce in the next day or two that he had a new plan. He would decide on a county by county basis what areas of the country could reopen, and which would remain under his "social distancing" policy.

This afternoon, he apparently decided to jettison the county-by-county reopening policy, and revert to the "social distancing" policy. Until April 30, 2020.


  • I think the nation's entire media community needs to stop talking about this crazy president and star demand talking to the expert ONLY, avoid him and walk out of confrence room when he shows up. , the more they talk to him, the more he tells the country more lies, this is no brainer, its all about him not the nation, why waste times and effort no him in the first place? the media is been played by this liar in chief
  • I agree with you 100%, visafree. The only problem is that the Liar-in-Chief controls the airwaves. It it were up to me, he could hold his "news" conferences, but the only network which would carry them live would be FOX "News". The other networks would refuse to carry them live, and would only report on what was said.

    Unfortunately, it is not up to me. And you are right, the media has definitely been played by this "reality show" huckster.

    For me, I do not watch the press conferences. And whenever a TV show I am watching goes to video of the Liar-in-Chief, I hit the mute button. Small satisfaction, but we take our pleasures where we can find them. Not hearing those lies is a small pleasure.
  • In the same press conference in which he said the social distancing guidelines would continue to April 30, the president also said that if we do everything right, the death toll in the US from COVID-19 could be 100,000 or maybe more. This is the same damned fool that said on February 26, 31 days ago, that we only had 15 cases, and pretty soon that would be down to zero. There were no deaths from COVID-19 in the US when he said that, 31 days ago. Now he tells us that if we do everything right, deaths might be about 100,000 or more.

    Good God Almighty, how did we elect such a stupid man.

    Make America GAG Again. Keep America GAGGING.
  • This president , his weakness is in the Public platform what he is doing is trying to hide it by acting tough when on stage, he attack any reporter who ask questions that he is unable to answer, by avoiding him the chance to appear on TV news medias will make him weaker he becomes sick, and that's the idea , for him no chance on te news media and the world can move on saving lives from this virus
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