Trump MUST be IMPEACHED for his administration failure to handle COVID-1O

We now have a real chance to impeach that motherfucker. His failure cost 100,000 Americans to get sick from this. I strongly believe Trump Administration was and is responsible for corona virus. The US started this virus and created this virus and spread it in China.


  • It's COVID-19 not COVID-10. AND where is the proof and evidence that say china is right and the US is lying?

    @SaremChuuk @FactsMatter @AntiColonialist

    See what happens when you repeat this lie that China started?
  • Yes, Impeach Trump for Covid-10. Lol
  • Trump did not start the Covid-19 pandemic.

    China did not start the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Anyone who understands the science of viruses understands this.

    That said, China has successfully fought the pandemic in their country.

    The U.S. has not, at least not so far.

    China took it seriously and acted swiftly to stop it.

    Trump, on the other hand, dismissed it as, "the flu," "a democratic hoax," and a problem that would end quickly, "like a miracle." Trump was wrong.

    Yes, Trump should have been convicted of his crimes after he was impeached the first time. Now thousands of people are dying unnecessarily because Trump's Republican friends gave him a free pass.
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