On Demand vaccine


  • Makes sense why Trump is slow in helping , the more it spread out the better for these small group of people.
  • Hundreds of thousands of scientists all over the world and working in different labs in different countries, on their own and independent of each other--whether government, private or etc., have become experts in dealing with DNA, RNA, etc., and in understanding and manipulating RNA strands for different purposes. Any new strand of RNA--even just a snippet of it--will easily be detected and reported.

    It sounds like just another conspiracy-mongering person. Sounds impressive to people who don't understand the depth of knowledge and records regarding the manipulation of the RNA's single strand. But it's not believable--to use these small strands of DNA to change the human being-the mankind to serve certain purpose of the elites. Just my thoughts on this nice afternoon from Micronesia.
  • with that kind of attitude, your afternoon in Micronesia will no longer be nice,
  • Marc are you Pacific Islander?
  • Yes. And I just want to add that we need to understand and support all the works that are being done and have been done on "vaccines" and vaccination use in the past and today. Many of diseases in the world--including the many terrible ones--were/are caused by "virus" as different from bacteria. Many bacterial induced diseases can be cured with "anti-biotics".

    But the diseases caused by virus are harder to treat because viruses--they mutate--from one form even every year. It's my understanding that the common cold flu virus do mutate, to some extent every so often. This is the reason, you take a flu shot every year--during the flu season. So vaccine and vaccination are the goals when it comes to treatment for virus sickness.

    So maybe somebody will try to change the DNA/RNA of a virus in order to produce certain type of vaccine that will control our minds in the future, but for the current case of COVID-19, let's get the cure found--let the scientists develop a vaccine for it--and then we'll see where it goes from there. We need some type of medicinal (vaccine, antibiotics, etc.) to help the elderly people whose systems cannot take the negative impact of this virus--which unfortunately, causes death.
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  • Have you watched what causes this deaths ? I don’t think so, seen those empty hospitals & all this fake media bs?
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